Slideshare: November 2012 Q&A Medical Coding Webinar

Slideshare November 2012 Q&A Medical Coding Certification Webinar

165 attendees enjoyed asking questions of Laureen Jandroep, CPC, CPC-I, CMSCS, CHCI and Alicia Scott, CPC, Instuctor. For full replay of this webinar join the CCO replay club

Here are the Topics in the Slide:

  • 1. Coding Certification Q & A Laureen Jandroep, CPC Sr. Instructor, CodingCertification.Org
  • 2. Twitter Chat•• Who will have the most tweets? :)
  • 3. Who is Laureen?• Graduated with a Bachelors in • Sold Online School which is now operated by Occupational Therapy AAPC• Owned and Managed Rehab • Currently works full time for 3M HIS/ Agency CodeRyte as a Clinical Development• Owned and Managed Medical Specialist Billing Company • Teaches Coding Certification Review Blitz as• Owned and Managed Billing and well as other coding seminars. Coding School – brick and mortar as • Has taken and passed the CPC, CPC-H, well as online CCS-P, CCS, RCC and currently maintains• Started National Coding Discussion her CPC and CPC-I credentials List “Coding & Reimbursement • Married since 1989 with 5 kids (1 grown Network” – now the CCO-L step-son and 4 little ones age 7 and under.
  • 4. Who is Alicia?• Held several jobs in the medical field from, CNA, EMT, Pharmacy technician and Medial Records Abstractor, Analyst and Nursing.• Joined the AAPC and became certified as a CPC in 2011• Working towards Masters in Health Care Administration with an emphasis on education.• Former Instructor at a private college teaching medical coding and billing and medical law and ethics.• Working now as a remote Medicare Advantage Coder for Optum.• Alicia will tell you that not only does she love medical coding but she has a passion for teaching it.• Presently Alicia lives in West Texas and is married with six children (no that is not a typo!)
  • 5. Who is Alicia?
  • 6. Who is Boyd?•Master of Ceremonies for CCO Q&A Webinars•Web Administrator for CodingCertification.Org•Business coach
  • 7. PollPoll – How manywebinars for you?
  • 8. Stay to the End For… • Course & Webinar Updates • Giveaways and
  • 9. PollPoll – Are you certified?
  • 10. Student Case Study Ruth Sheets, CPC-A Poughkeepsie, NY
  • 11. Question – Intraocular LensWhat is the diagnosis code assignment for contraction ofthe anterior capsule causing the intraocular lens implant tobe displaced following extraction of a cataract? Thephysician uses a laser to repair the torn capsule andreposition the lens. Can you explain why X is the correct choice?A.996.69B.996.53 ANSWERC.998.82
  • 12. V Codes Can you help us with V-codes – in particular knowing WHEN we would need to add one. For example if we are reading a test question that we need to code the DX and TX how would we know we also need to assign a V-code. E-codes just pop out at you……PT fell at home and broke an arm. Code the break and the E-code. But V-codes are much harder to know just by reading a question that we need to code one. Thanks! Linda ANSWER
  • 13. Orthopedics – Casting & StrappingPlease review casting and strappingcoding. I get confused as to when it isbundled and when it isnt. ANSWER
  • 14. Coding for GERD What is the difference between 530.81 and 530.11? 530.81 Esophageal reflux 530.11 Reflux esophagitis ANSWER
  • 15. Bill First – ICD SequencingIs there a rule of thumb to which code should be billedfirst if the ICD-9 does not state otherwise? For example250.40 and 585.3, I understand that, but maybe a goodexample might be dehydration due to flu. What is the ruleto “bill first”. My thinking is, you would have the flu beforethe dehydration, but then my over thinking kicks in andthinks that you wouldnt maybe have an office visit if youwerent dehydrated. Thank you for yourhelp on this biggie. ANSWER

Slideshare: November 2012 Q&A Medical Coding Webinar

  • 16. Omit Code Can you please explain the USE of “Omit Code” in the ICD-9?? I just dont get it! If we are not to use this code then why have it in the book?!?!?! This is what I am thinking it means – can you confirm or tell me what it does in fact mean? Example in volume 3 ICD-9 Hospital procedures 39.3 Suture of a vessel Then under that it has an “Excludes note” and under that “Omit Code” and it lists other codes like 39.52 49.95 57.93 39.41 21.00 – 21.09 60.94 28.7 = does it mean that if I am coding anything from this list that I should not code anything in the 39.3 category as well? ANSWER
  • 17. PollPoll – AAPC or AHIMA?
  • 18. Debridement and Skin GraftA patient had a debridement and a skin graft in an acutesetting. Now patient is at a LTAC hospital. I have twodifferent thoughts concerning what to code. • aftercare following surgery of skin and subq • aftercare for organ transplantAny thoughts on what to do? Thanks. ANSWER
  • 19. Hypertension & Chronic Kidney Disease ANSWER
  • 20. CEUs and the CPC ANSWER
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  • 23. Updates? MTA Course! New “Medical Terminology & Anatomy for Medical Coders” course up andrunning for $497 (15 module course) • go at your own pace • access to recorded lectures and tests for one year • includes textbook “Medical Coding & Terminology for ICD-10 Coding” – the only one geared toward medical coder And if you need both a medical terminology/anatomy course + a coding course check out our combo deal $1247 or $334.50 x 4 payments!
  • 24. Updates?• New CPCs?• Testimonials• Independent CCO Instructors• ICD-10 Couse should be ready by February 1st• Podcasts coming
  • 26. CEU Webinars!Modifiers: E&M:Its All About LocateYourThe Money HEM In Time$ 67 $ 147• 90 Minutes • 3 hours• CEU Approved • CEU Approved www./ceu-webinars
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  • 28. Free Drawing! Your Choice of: Blitz Video Package or2 CEU Webinars or1 Hour Session with Laureen
  • 29. 80 Hour Coding Course
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