Slideshare: November 2013 Q&A Medical Coding Webinar

Slideshare November 2013 Q & A Medical Coding Certification Webinar from discussed many medical coding topics of interest to medical coders. The educational offerings for ICD-10-CM were compared and discussed.

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  • 14. Granularity and Laterality A student asked: “There are terms used in ICD-10-CM that I did not see in ICD-9-CM. Can you explain granularity and laterality?” ANSWER

November 2013 Medical Coding Webinar

  • 15. Stick & Stuff Codes For code 90636 “stuff” HepA & HepB would i use “stick” code 90471. Code 90645 (4 dose schedule) is each dose scheduled at different times if so would you use “stuff code” 90645 and “stick code” 90471 ANSWER
  • 16. OBV vs ER My question is simple.. when there is a 760 OBV charge on the claim with an 450 ER charge as well. That claim is no longer a ER bill correct? ANSWER
  • 17. Anesthesia Consultation Pre-anesthesia consultation (ie referral by the surgeon to the anesthetist) prior to surgery, can someone explain to me the criteria for code selection 99241,99242,99243,99244 or 99245? Because many times HPI will have few elements only when Medical decision making will be High. ANSWER
  • 18. Glaucoma Coding For Glaucoma bilateral dif types and dif stages, code each type but highest stage correct? Thanks, Carolyn ANSWER
  • 19. Physician Services 99221 or 99281 Hi! So if you are coding for the physician services only in the ED setting and the physician is NOT an employee of the hospital – he is independent of the hospital, and the patient is admitted to the hospital do you code the level charge from 99221-99223 or 99281-99285 for the physician services? Thanks! Linda ANSWER
  • 20. Modifiers OB and OA Was doing a practice test and came across this question. “Which modifier would you use to report with code 88239 if the test was looking for hereditary cancer?” I can’t even find these modifiers in my book(CPT prof edition) the answer sheet reports to look in Appendix I under sub category Cytogenetic studies.Thanks ….Sue ANSWER
  • 21. Nerve Block Follow Up When coding continuous nerve blocks 64415, 64446 or 64448 how do you code for the follow up when the patient is sent home with the catheter and the follow up is being done via telephone by the anesthesiologist? ANSWER
  • 22. Sports Physical If a provider has coded a V70.3 sports physical & throughout document states and supports the well child check V20.2 and he has charged out an (regular E & M 99213 with V70.3) is a coder allowed to change the codes to preventative code 99383 w/V20.2 as long as documentation is there? ANSWER
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Attendees’ questions on various topics were answered.These included ICD-10 Granularity and Laterality, Vaccine Administration Codes, OBV and ER observation, Anesthesia Consultation, Glaucoma Coding, Physician Services 99221 or 99281, Modifiers OB and OA, Nerve Block Follow-up, And Sports Physical. Presenters were Laureen Jandroep, CPC, CPC-I, CMSCS, CHCI and Alicia Scott, CPC, CPC-I.

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