Slideshare: November 2014 Q&A Medical Coding Webinar

The November 2014 Q&A Medical Coding Webinar from www. discussed several topics of interest to medical coders including Modifier 59 meets XE, XP, XS, XU; V Codes; History of Cancer; E Codes; Thyroidectomy Practice Exam Question; Spinal Fusion Practice Exam Question; and GI Doctor for Consultation. The new HCC (Hierarchical Condition Categories) Course, recently launched by CodingCertification.Org, was briefly discussed; also, the new ICD-10-PCS course which is coming soon. Other CodingCertification.Org product offerings were briefly discussed. Attendees’ questions on various coding topics were answered.

1. Coding Certification Q & A Webinar- November 2014

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3. November 2014 Coding Certification Q&A Webinar Core A and CHONC CEU Specialty

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    • 6. Kartika Budiarta – passed CPC-H 10/29/14 Juffelia Ibarra – passed CPC 9/20/14 Nisha Varghese – passed CPC 10/22/14 Howard Scarrott – passed CPC 10/25/14 Michelle Evans – passed CPC 11/1/14 Ruben Cespedes – passed CPC 11/7/14 Congratulations to…
    • 7. Schuyler Connell – passed CPC 11/13/14 Carol Viger – passed 11/14/14 Pam Banker – passed CPC 11/19/14 Duang Asaneewutikorn – passed CPC 11/19/14 Marcia Hayes – passed CPC 11/19/14 Darlene Turner – passed CPC 11/18/14 Anyone else out there who passed recently? Congratulations to…

Slideshare: November 2014 Q&A Medical Coding Webinar


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  • 9. Medical Terminology & Anatomy Course (MTA) Physician Based Coding Course (PBC) (CPC course) Facility Based Medical Coding (FBC) (CPC-H course) Review Blitz Video Package (included in PBC) Mini-Mock Practice Exams (3 – 60 questions each) CEU Classes (On Demand) ICD-10-CM MiniCourse or ICD-10 FULL Course Medical Billing Course (PBB) Medical Coding Auditing (PBMA) http://CodingCertification.Org/Products Quick Outline of Product Lineup
  • 10. Medical Terminology & Anatomy Course (MTA) 40 CEUs! Review Blitz Video Package (CPC Blitz) 17 CEUs! CEU Classes (On Demand) ranging from 1 – 4 CEUs each ICD-10-CM Mini Course 8 CEUs! ICD-10-CM Full Course 37.5 CEUs! Facility Based Coding Course (FBC) 30.5 CEUs! Physician Practice Manager (PPM) 6.5 CEUs! Physician Based Billing Course (PBB) 18.5 CEUs! http://CodingCertification.Org/Products Other CEUs from CCO!
  • 11. Risk Adjustment by Holly Cassano, CPC and Alicia Scott, CPC, CPC-I. We are anticipating HCC will be a high need specialty in 2014 and beyond. New HCC Course Is Now Open! Our new HCC Course has 17 jam packed Modules on
  • 12. And another new course is coming! Class Starts in January
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  • 14. Modifier 59 meets XE, XP, XS, XU I received a notice from AAPC stating that CMS is establishing the following new modifiers (referred to collectively as-X{EPSU} modifiers) to define specific subsets of the 59 modifier: ANSWER
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  • 16. V Codes I get confused when looking for V codes. They are mixed into the index. What keywords will help me find the right V code. ANSWER
  • 17. History of Cancer* Understanding Primary, Secondary and personal hx of CA ANSWER
  • 18. E Codes Can you please review E-codes for ICD-9-CM and how things will change with ICD-10? ANSWER
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  • 20. Thyroidectomy Practice Exam Question A patient has the lower 1/2 portion of the right lobe of the thyroid as well as the lower 1/3 of the left lobe and the isthmus excised. What CPT® code(s) are reported? [POLL] A) 60240-52 B) 60212 X2 C) 60210-LT, 60210-RT D) 60212 ANSWER
  • 21. Spinal Fusion Practice Exam Question The surgeon performed anterior fusion from L1 to L3, What CPT code(s) are reported? [POLL] A) 22630, 22632 B) 22558, 22585 X2 C) 22630, 22585 X2 D) 22558, 22585 22558 Arthrodesis, anterior interbody technique, including minimal discectomy to prepare interspace; lumbar 22585 Arthrodesis, anterior interbody technique, including minimal discectomy to prepare interspace; each additional interspace (List separately in addition to code for primary procedure) 22630 Arthrodesis, posterior interbody technique, including laminectomy and/or discectomy to prepare interspace, single interspace; lumbar 22632 Arthrodesis, posterior interbody technique, including laminectomy and/or discectomy to prepare interspace, single interspace; each additional interspace (List separately in addition to code for primary procedure) ANSWER
  • 22. Patient was admitted to the hospital and his attending physician called GI doctor for consultation. This patient has Medicare. What E/M code should I bill for first GI evaluation – Initial Hospital Visit 99223(example) or Follow up hospital visit 99232? ANSWER GI Doctor for Consultation
  • 23. ● ICD-10-CM Mini Course ○ 40 hour course equivalent ○ using Carol Buck’s “Step-by-Step Medical Coding” ● ICD-10-CM Full Course **Payment Plan Now Available** ○ 80 hour course equivalent ○ using “Understanding ICD-10-CM” text by Bowie ICD-10 Prep CCO Style
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  • 29. November Coding Certification Q&A Webinar CEU Link – Index #
  • 30. Chat Q & A Webinar- November 2014
  • 31. Exam Tips Should I eliminate ICD-9 or CPT codes first on the CPC exam? I am going to attend the exam on 23rd Nov, any suggestions please would be great thanks.
  • 32. ICD 10 I’ve taken the ICD 10 courses what do I do now? Once CPC, is there a deadline for ICD-10 test?
  • 33. Certification Can you get a job with a CPC? Would another certificate or degree be more helpful in finding a job? What would be a good specialty to start out with in coding?
  • 34. CPC, CPC-H and CIC What is the difference between a CPC and CPC-H real world coding work and the new CIC?
  • 35. Reference Tool You mention Supercoder as reference, is it AAPC coder tool?
  • 36. Thanks For Being With Us!


Educational topics were presented by Alicia Scott, CPC, CPC-I ; Jo-Anne Sheehan, CPC, CPC-I, CPPM; and Laureen Jandroep, CPC, CPC-H, CPC-I, CMSCS, CHCI, CPPM. The host for the webinar was Boyd Staszewski.

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