Slideshare: October 2013 Q&A Medical Coding Webinar

Slideshare October 2013 Q & A Medical Coding Certification Webinar

CCO announced their new ICD-10-CM Full Course Offerings. The live course was offered with a discount: online version coming soon. Educational topics included How to Study for CPC Exam,RBRVS and GPCI,CPT code Bubble 93015 – 93018, Crosswalking ICD-9 to ICD-10, Billing a Patient as New / Established, 7th Digits ICD-10-CM Terminology, CPT 36415 and 36410, Mutually Exclusive Procedures, Vaccine Administration, Reimbursement for Physicians.

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  • 1. Coding Certification Q & A Webinar- October 2013
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  • 7. Congratulations to… Susan Johnson (passed CPC 9/28/13) Sulesa Harmon (passed CPC 10/1/13) Kristie Averitt (passed CPC 10/10/13) Jessica Flores (passed CPC 10/11/13) Susan Mors (passed CPC-H 9/21/13) Kelcie Phillips (passed CPC 10/23/13) **Sylvia Wiegand (passed CPC 10/10/13)** Anyone else out there who passed recently?
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  • 10. Quick Outline of Product Lineup Medical Terminology & Anatomy Course (MTA) Physician Based Coding Course (PBC) (CPC course) Facility Based Medical Coding (FBC) (CPC-H course) Review Blitz Video Package (included in PBC) Mini-Mock Practice Exams CEU Classes (On Demand) ICD-10-CM MiniCourse ICD-10 FULL Course http://CodingCertification.Org/Products
  • 11. ICD-10 Prep CCO Style ● ICD-10-CM Mini Course ○ 40 hour course equivalent ○ using Carol Buck’s “Step-by-Step Medical Coding” ● ICD-10-CM Full Course **on special limited time** ○ 80 hour course equivalent ○ using “Understanding ICD-10-CM” text by Bowie ● ICD-10-CM Practice Exams
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  • 14. How should I study for the CPC exam? 2 more weeks to go before my CPC test—How should I utilize these next few weeks? – Rosetta ANSWER
  • 15. RBRVS and GPCI Valerie asked, “What do RBRVS and GPCI stand for? I keep seeing this and have not found an easy answer yet?” ANSWER

October 2013 Q&A Medical Coding Webinar

  • 16. Bubble 93015 – 93018 I’m confused about coding from this bubble. – Luna · 93015 Cardiovascular stress test using maximal or submaximal treadmill or bicycle exercise, continuous electrocardiographic monitoring, and/or pharmacological stress; with supervision, interpretation and report · 93016 supervision only, without interpretation and report · 93017 tracing only, without interpretation and report · 93018 interpretation and report ANSWER
  • 17. Crosswalking ICD-9 to ICD 10 Please demonstrate this during a monthly webinar. Thank you! ANSWER
  • 18. Billing a Patient as New & Established I am interested in learning about providers billing a patient as new and established at the same time. I came across a claim the provider billed three lines of service. A 99386 – Preventative visit – dx – Well GYN exam. The 2nd line billed the Q code which is ok, they also attached a 25 modifier to 99386. The 3rd line billed a 99213 – Established Patient – Office or other outpatient visit, attached a modifier 25 to this code as well. ANSWER
  • 19. 7th Digits & ICD-10 Terminology S42.271A Torus fracture of upper end of right humerus, initial encounter (with Dr. A) for closed fracture. S42.271G Torus fracture of upper end of right humerus, subsequent encounter for fracture with delayed healing (with Dr. A). Suppose the patient seeks out Dr. B at another practice to go to when they experience delayed healing…. would it still be coded S42.271G even though it was the initial visit for that doctor? ANSWER
  • 20. CPT 36415 replaced with 36410? Hi, I code cpt 36415 along with labs and have noticed that Medicare and most other carries, deny as global (considered routine & is not covered) except when billed with “Physicals”, I have also noticed 36415 is not anywhere on CCI edits however 36410 is. Is 36410 the preferred venipuncture code for lab draws now? – Teresa ANSWER
  • 21. Mutually Exclusive Procedures Which one of these procedures is not considered a mutually exclusive procedure? A. Bilateral DM foot exam on a BKA B. Mammogram on male patient C. PSA test on Mrs. Jones D. Pregnancy test on post-hysterectomy patient POLL / ANSWER
  • 22. Mutually Exclusive Procedures Correct Answer B. Mammogram on male patient
  • 23. Vaccine Administration I know one is by the MD and he is to be doing face to face and give the shots not the RN, is that correct? If it is given and a face to face with a PA or a NP etc that is coded another way. Can you go over the scenarios? This has been a point of contention and how to interpret this guideline at our office. Much appreciated. ANSWER
  • 24. Reimbursement ICD-9-CM or CPT Is reimbursement based on ICD-9-CM or CPT codes. ANSWER
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Presenters were Laureen Jandroep, CPC, CPC-I, CMSCS, CHCI and Alicia Scott, CPC, CPC-I.

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