The New CCO Helpdesk – Video

Another announcement is some of you might have noticed, we have a new Help Desk. We just did some calculations, in the last month we have answered over 1300 tickets that have come in through the Help Desk, and that’s not even counting ones that are still coming in to our emails that we’re answering privately. This is a new system, we’re trying to be more coordinated and be able to cover for each other if someone is sick or they’re stuck at the airport, for Jo-Anne in Boston with two feet of snow or whatever it was; so this will be a way for us to help each other answer your questions very quickly. Our goal is 12-24 hour response time.

The New CCO Helpdesk – Video

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So, if you use helpdesk., there’s a little portal that’s reserved just for you when you submit your very first question, it’s based on your email. Every ticket that you ever create will be saved there for you to review. And then, another nice feature we’re making is that any test that you take with us even if it’s just the one-question test for attending this webinar – that will be explained later – you’ll have a history of that.

At any rate, check that out helpdesk., we’re also using that as a place for frequently asked questions. Not so much about coding and billing issues but just about – I lost my password, how I’d do that; I’m having trouble getting the webinar confirmation email – those sorts of things, you can kind of go help yourself. That’s our Help Desk.

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