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Laureen: Someone asked, to use our website do you have to be in your course? No, not our main website here, like going to the community, going to our discussion forum, that’s all free. Now, we have a membership area which is, those are our paid products, our replay webinar, our practice exam that we charge for. That inside area there’s cost to get in, but all of the other pages: discussion boards, the blog, articles, the YouTube channel, all of that’s free. And quite honestly, if you really were honest, you shoestring budget, you could go to our YouTube channel and probably watch every single video and be educated enough to pass the exam, we give a ton away for free.

Using CodingCertification.Org for Free – Video

YouTube video

But, it’s all packaged up nicely and more organized and you can be efficient in your studies when you purchase like the Blitz video. You’re not going to get a full course on YouTube but as far as like kind of the tips for passing the exam, all the good stuff out there, now the Replay Club members get it immediately hot off the press. They get it with a nice little ribbon tied on it with all transcribed in real pretty PDF. They could subscribe to it on there on iTunes and it just shows up, and you can listen to Alicia and I, and Boyd ad nauseum [laughs].

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