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E&M Audit Tool for Medical Coding

E&M Audit Tool for Medical Coding
E&M Audit Tool for Medical Coding

There are many things you need to consider in order to determine the appropriate E&M code to use. But, it does not need to be as complicated as you may think. Our step-by-step guide will show you the exact steps that you need to take to ensure accurate coding.

This guide will take you through the following questions for each case you try to code:

  1. What is the E/M category/subcategory (location and service type)?
  2. What is the level of history?
  3. What is the exam level?
  4. What is the level of medical decision making?
  5. Is time a dominant factor?

Once you have answered all of the above, you can then determine the final E&M level.

Our easy to use, our E&M Audit Tools will provide you with all you need to know about E&M coding in various settings such as office, hospital, facility or home. It breaks down abbreviations such as CC (chief complaint); ROS (review of systems); and HPI (history of present illness) so you have a more comprehensive understanding of how these E&M codes work and what they mean.

Also included is an audit tool to help you score your E&M notes using this guide.

To download, your free step-by-step guide on how to better understand E&M coding, fill out the form on the right side.