Stories From Our Past Students

After losing faith in AAPC training, Ryan enrolled at CCO to become CPC® certified in 2 months and advance his career.

Breanne went from Front Office to Medical Coder with the help of CCO. Read her story.

Learn how Joseph samet went from no medical-coding education to passing his certification exams in just a few months.

With a full-time job and a child in college, Mala used CCO to work at her own pace and pass the CPC exam.

Learn how Cinthia Wilson, RHIA, CCS shifted careers into Medical Coding so she could work from home.

Learn how Tiffany used CCO to get COC® certified and take her on-the-job skills to the next level.

Learn how Dee Dee used CCO to become CPC® certified, get a job and go on to write and edit medical coding books.

After finding community college courses ineffective, Dorsey used CCO to pass the CPC® exam and shift roles at her job.

What Students Are Saying about CCO

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 683 reviews
by Karla Domerese on

This was my third time taking that awful test. So thankful I found your site and thankful for all the useful insightful material. And so thankful I PASSED!!
Now to figure out what's next.

by Melissa on

I don't know how anyone could pass the exam without CCO. The BHAT® system alone is worth it all. Major thanks to the staff for your guidance along the way and preparing me for exam day.

by Christiana on

I would like to give a big thank you to CCO for helping me pass my CPC certification exam. The BHAT system, and blitz exams were imperative to my success. I look forward to continuing my education with CCO!

by Manisha Patel on

Will not be able to pass it without the CCO. Thank you so much.

by Cathie on

Thank you!!! If it wasn't for the CPMA review, I would of never gotten passed the test. The review was so informative. Keep up the great work. You got me passed my CPC and you did it again. You guys are amazing!!!

by Kathryn E Dewitt on

Thank you CCO! The practice exams were so helpful for me to know what I was up against. I passed with an 88% my first try!!!

by Therese Antonio on

Thank you CCO for all your help! Especially Alicia and Laurie

by Gina Alias on

I highly recommend this program. I’ve been working for 15+years without certification. The course content and curriculum is very comprehensive. There is so much information that assists me in my daily work as well. All the charts, tips and tricks found with CCO course content and the CCO club are invaluable. The weekly Live chats are really informative, fun and interesting.
I had psyched myself out for years thinking I just couldn’t achieve certification. With THIS course, the BHAT technique during me exam I was completely able to pass the certification exam!! It takes study and work but with this toolbox you’ve GOT ALL YOU NEED TO SUCCEED! Thanks very much CCO!

by Lori Spottedhorse on

I passed with a 94!! I can not thank you enough!!

by Jasreen S on

I wanted to share this good news and express my thanks to CCO. Although I never purchased any courses from CCO but I followed Laureen Jandroep on youtube videos extensively. I have to express my thanks and mention that she is exceptionally good with explaining concepts . I grasped such tricky topics like E/M, cardio catherization and many more with so much of ease just by watching her videos. Her visual learning method , making tables helped so much in understanding what to code. I want to personally thank Laureen with all my heart as she had a big role to play in my success and clearing my CPC in first attempt with 94 %. She rocks and is doing a great job helping so many new coders like us learn .

by Kristina Slaton on

Thank You for this wonderful program! The techniqThank You for this wonderful program! The techniques, videos, and guidance that CCO offered helped me achieve this goal! I will DEFINITELY recommend this to anyone needing certification!!ues, videos, and guidance that CCO offered helped me achieve this goal! I will DEFINITELY recommend this to anyone needing certification!!

by Jenifer on

I passed the CPC test! Yaaay! Just got the AAPC test result late last night around 10pm. I took the test last week 10/26/19.
Thank CCO Team! Though i only had 3 wks away from my exam date when I signed up in Blitz but all the information I learned helped me build up my confidence on exam day.

Thank you again & see you back next year for more credentials.
Interested in CRC and CDEO.

by Kimberly on

Between your Website & You Tube videos I am now dual certified. I've been a biller for over 25 years for all different payers & providers. I became a Revenue Integrity Charge Analyst almost two years ago & had to get my CPC. I decided to get my COC this year for myself & just found out I passed on my 1st try. Thank you for your excellent information. I used the BHAT® system both times for my CPT & I10 books & it truly makes a difference in succeeding on the exams. I'm proof your system works if it's used correctly as I passed both certifications on my 1st try. Thank you so much! Kim

by Susan on

I was able to complete the entire exam without rushing. I am very glad I dedicated the time to the BHAT® method of marking my coding books. It allowed me to get through the test expediently.
Thanks for the help:)

by Erica Voigt on

Thank you so much. I failed the first time and then found your blitz. It made the biggest difference to help me pass!

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