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Stories From Our Past Students

After losing faith in AAPC training, Ryan enrolled at CCO to become CPC® certified in 2 months and advance his career.

Breanne went from Front Office to Medical Coder with the help of CCO. Read her story.

Learn how Joseph samet went from no medical-coding education to passing his certification exams in just a few months.

With a full-time job and a child in college, Mala used CCO to work at her own pace and pass the CPC exam.

Learn how Cinthia Wilson, RHIA, CCS shifted careers into Medical Coding so she could work from home.

Learn how Tiffany used CCO to get COC® certified and take her on-the-job skills to the next level.

Learn how Dee Dee used CCO to become CPC® certified, get a job and go on to write and edit medical coding books.

After finding community college courses ineffective, Dorsey used CCO to pass the CPC® exam and shift roles at her job.

What Students Are Saying about CCO

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by Jesse Gallop on

I passed my exam in September on the first try. I found out the details of risk adjustment. I learned which people are eligible for Managed Care Organizations, formulas to determine risk adjustment scores, STAR levels, etc. Information was broken down into small easily digestible parts. I would recommend this product because I would not have passed the exam without it.

by Tammy on

I took a three-day bootcamp for the CPC in January and took the exam on the 4th day. I missed passing by 4 points. Not happy with my experience with the bootcamp, I started looking for other options. I found you guys on YouTube. I was impressed with your delivery, very professional. I especially liked the fact that you teach the job not just how to take the exam. So I signed up for the CCO Club and a couple of weeks later I signed up for the CPC/COC Blitz. I retook the exam on April 7. Thank you CCO for your help! I not only passed, but went from a 66% to an 85%! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! Now for the COC! 🙂

by Kathleen Horan on

It took me 3 times to finally pass the CPC Exam. I took a course through Career Step and failed my first attempt at the CPC Exam. I purchased the Review Blitz through CCO and 1/2 put my efforts into the course. I failed on my second attempt. My third attempt I put my heart and soul into Laureen's Review Blitz. I used the BHAT™ System on my books. I studied on my breaks at work and any free moment I had at home. I had the videoes playing over and over again while even doing dishes just to get the vocabulary embedded in my brain. It worked. I passed the exam!! I even had time left over at the end of the exam for the first time. I did not jump around. I started at question 1 and went in order. I did the art of skipping and marked questions I knew to come back to at the end as you taught. Thank you for all you have done to make me successful in passing the CPC exam. I'll be calling you soon to find which next review/exam I should be taking to further my career in medical coding.

by Maria Maulion on

I want to share my overwhelming joy. I passed my Cardiology Coding Exam. My first to take the exam. With almost 2 years of experience in Cardiology and trained 2 new employees, tried it. Thanks to CCO I passed. I used the highlighting techniques by Laureen and some videos from her. Now I can continue my CIC course through CCO.

by Sandra Brooks on

I sat for the CRC on 03/23/2018 - I PASSED!!!!! THANK YOU CCO for the instructors, the course lecture videos and the chapter books, the BHAT Cave, the CRC Blitz, the ICD-10-CM Practice Test, the Club replays and nuggets and the weekly webinars working real life charts and Access to the AAPC Risk Adjustment Course. This course is awesome and I could not have passed without you and I will be telling EVERYBODY I know to use this course and all of the wonderful things about CCO!

by Brian Quattlebaum on

As a busy Compliance and Audit Director as well as a consultant, I have very little free time available to pursue academic endeavors. So, I chose to try your CRC Blitz to prepare for my certification exam. To say I was impressed would be an understatement. I simply purchased the program, viewed the videos, read the study sheets and took the practice exam. After this, I took the CRC exam and passed with flying colors. I will definitely go with your program in my future certification training. Thank you.

by Jeanne Nicolosi on

The BHAT™ system made all the difference in the world! That together with the lectures was the secret sauce for me. I had no time to take the practice exams so I took the test expecting to fail but I passed! I owe it all to COO! Thank you all so much for the quality programs you offer.

by Pavan on

CCO is the best reasonably priced source out there for coders who can rely on CCO team at the time of test taking. I'm glad I stumbled into them early. Benefited immensely from test taking strategies. Special thanks to Jesus, Sylvia, Lori, Schulyer, Tiffany, Darcy and other CCO team members, they are prompt in replies and outstanding. Liked BHAT system and videos by Laureen, Coding Guidelines by Chandra and ICD-10 CM coding with exam tips by Alicia. Look forward to gaining more certifications through CCO in future.

by Kevin Silvernail on

The many CCO resources available through the CRC course (as well as many hours of study on my part) were the key to my success on the CRC exam.I utilized only the AAPC course offerings to gain my CPC and COC certifications but found CCO's courses to be far superior in presenting the material in multiple ways which enhanced and simplified learning for the student. I just wish I had found and used CCO's courses for my earlier certifications.

by Mindy Russitano on

Loved the Blitz videos and Practice Exams!

by Michelle Nicole Mois on

Thank you CCO.US! With your help, I was able to pass the COC test!

by Devan on

I think the BHAT™ system and the practice tests were the most helpful. But also the videos on CPT and test taking tips really helped me. I passed on the first try!

by Tina P. on

CPC Review Blitz and BHAT™ system definitely helped me pass the CPC exam on my first try! Thank You so much for all of your exam strategy tips.

by Valorie Temples on

Thank you soo much for everything. I am a school bus driver and decided to get into this field in 2015. Through a lot of rough patches, I graduated from the course. I just passed the CPC exam on February 17, 2018 the second time! I went through the Blitzes except CIC & COC and this time did three practice exams. Thank you soo much for being there and I look forward to letting you know of a new job. Keep up the good work CCO!

by Rebecca Pollard on

I appreciate all the hard work behind the scenes in the CCO Club that everyone puts in to give us such great information!The information that the members and instructors share is always helpful. Being able to attend the webinars and see the presenters is amazing and you are able to ask questions and get immediate answers, just amazing.I really liked the BHAT technique and it helped me pass a very difficult certification.

  1. Convenient
  2. Reliable information/resources
  3. The topics vary (which as a coder we sometimes get pigeon holed into our "area" and don't stay up on other areas of coding)
I recommended it to all my co-workers and ladies that ask me where I get all my information from and want to get started in coding. I tell them all to go to CCO.

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