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Stories From Our Past Students

After losing faith in AAPC training, Ryan enrolled at CCO to become CPC® certified in 2 months and advance his career.

Breanne went from Front Office to Medical Coder with the help of CCO. Read her story.

Learn how Joseph samet went from no medical-coding education to passing his certification exams in just a few months.

With a full-time job and a child in college, Mala used CCO to work at her own pace and pass the CPC exam.

Learn how Cinthia Wilson, RHIA, CCS shifted careers into Medical Coding so she could work from home.

Learn how Tiffany used CCO to get COC® certified and take her on-the-job skills to the next level.

Learn how Dee Dee used CCO to become CPC® certified, get a job and go on to write and edit medical coding books.

After finding community college courses ineffective, Dorsey used CCO to pass the CPC® exam and shift roles at her job.

What Students Are Saying about CCO

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 389 reviews
by Gina Olson on

I LOVE CCO and am so very happy I went with this online coding school!!!!Passed on my first attempt!!

by Kristin S. on

I passed!!!! Just found out I passed my CPC exam on the first try! Thank you so much CCO - I couldn't have done it without the excellent coursework, videos, Blitz and BHAT technique! Thanks to CCO I arrived at the test site feeling prepared and ready to do my best work. I would recommend CCO to anyone!!!!

by Wendy McLain on

Took the test on my birthday and PASSED. Taking time to bubble and highlight my books was well worth it. It may seem cumbersome at first but I highly recommend it. I took the practice tests from AAPC and CCO. Even though the same questions are not on the test, these practices exams tell you what to expect and Lauren is correct. Keep doing them until you score 85% and TIME YOURSELF. You have to do 150 questions in 5 hours 40 minutes. I used every minute down until she called time. Anyway, I'm very glad that I found CCO. The are a great group of people. They're very helpful and respond back to you quickly. I highly recommend this organization.

by Jane E. Trapp on

I took my exam on 04/01/2017 and just found out late 04/11/2017.I also did the AAPC study guide and their exams.Thank you for making things clear and the BHAT was a godsend!!I have told a girl at work that is currently taking a in school class for coding and she is struggling, I have told her about CCO and that she needs to check this out and that you are there for us and how wonderful your company is and how you have helped me.Thank you a true heartfelt Thank You!! Jane E Trapp

by Indu R. on

Thanks for helping me to assist with CRC certification.

by Michelle McHale on

Thank you so much CCO for preparing me for the exam!!!!

by Hayley Horchem on

Thank you CCO! I passed my exam on the first try. I could not have done it without the CPC Blitz review and the dedicated instructors.

by Michelle Hembree on

I also invested in the AAPC practice exams and course book

by Jane L. on

Thanks to the CPC BLITZ and the BHAT™ CAVE. This was made possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you!❤

by Lisa Gordon on

Passed CCS exam using BHAT™ system and some of the practice exams.

by Lindsay S. on

I am so grateful for all the time and effort that was put into this curriculum. It was so helpful in passing my CPC! And, I did it on my first try!!!!!

by Christine Shindel on

I failed my first attempt at the CPC exam in February but after taking the blitz course, I passed! It really helped explain some of the gray areas.

by Cristi Carroll on

Loved the Blitz! It really brought everything together for me!

by Rohini Gopinathan on

All through my course i simply Followed CCO's instructions carefully to do the BHAT and listen to the video .And once it came to the practice exams again i followed only Laureen's Techniques..POE(process of elimination) and Art of Skipping.I think more than studying i spent more time exercising her techniques and implementing it in my Mock exams which helped me a lot during my actual exam where i finished one hour early and had only 7 questions to go back to... Laureen's techniques are the best!! I believe in it totally..i trusted it and here i am with a CPC title next to my name. Thank you Laureen and the entire CCO team!!!

by Jane on

I just passed the CPC and with the help of the CPC BLITZ and the BHAT™ TECHNIQUE. I was able to improve my score from a 55 to a 70! The Blitz really helped me organize my books and notes that I was studying to a more simple way to study. It took the intimidation out of the test!!!! Thank's Laureen and CCO!!!

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