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Stories From Our Past Students

After losing faith in AAPC training, Ryan enrolled at CCO to become CPC® certified in 2 months and advance his career.

Breanne went from Front Office to Medical Coder with the help of CCO. Read her story.

Learn how Joseph samet went from no medical-coding education to passing his certification exams in just a few months.

With a full-time job and a child in college, Mala used CCO to work at her own pace and pass the CPC exam.

Learn how Cinthia Wilson, RHIA, CCS shifted careers into Medical Coding so she could work from home.

Learn how Tiffany used CCO to get COC® certified and take her on-the-job skills to the next level.

Learn how Dee Dee used CCO to become CPC® certified, get a job and go on to write and edit medical coding books.

After finding community college courses ineffective, Dorsey used CCO to pass the CPC® exam and shift roles at her job.

What Students Are Saying about CCO

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by Maria Elena Gear on

I have to give CCO a lot of credit. They prepared me so well for this exam and covered everything that I need to know to take this test. The practice exams, BHAT™, and the review blitz helped tremendously. I love how Alicia and Chandra they explain everything so thoroughly. I will definitely stick with CCO for any future courses I take.

by Sheila Ervin on

Passed my CPC exam! The materials and video presentations offered through CCO fit perfectly with my learning style.

by Dana Slaby on

My initial attempt at the CPC exam back in 12/16 went awry. So, I found CCO online and purchased the CPC Blitz. I implemented the BHAT™ technique, practice exams, and studied my tail off. I am relieved to announce that I passed! I would not have able to do it without CCO. Now, I am an LVN, CPC (No A). On to the next cert! Godspeed!

by Barbara Wolfe on

I am so excited to report I passed the CPC exam!! It took three attempts, but was able to pass. I don't have "real" clinical job experience which made passing the exam even more challenging. I finished AHIMA Medical Billing and Coding program in December 2016. I first attempted only using AAPC's online exam review, study guide and purchased all practice exams. I found CCO's videos while I was studying, that is where I found the BHAT system although that was 1 week before my first exam attempt so my CPT book was not fully bubbled and highlighted. I used CCO's CPT Blitz for my 2nd and final exam prep, I really needed help with timing and fine tuning the key areas of the CPT codes that were not really presented well in AAPC's online exam prep. CCO Blitz program really made the difference since it prepped you for the exam and provided valuable tools along with great advice.

by Jen on

The CPMA Blitz explained the material in the AAPC study guide from a different perspective, and the combination of the two gave me everything I needed to pass the CPMA exam. Thank you for the knowledge and confidence that I needed!

by Mary Jann on

I just wanted to say thank you so much for pouring your knowledge and passion into CCO! The BHAT system was a huge help because I am a visual learner. I am just starting off my career as a medical coder and will continue to use the resources you provide for further support and guidance.Thank you again!

by Erika McIntosh on

Passed on my first try!!!! So pumped!!! Already two chapters into the CIC course. Can't stop Won't stop! YAY ME!!

by Lynn McDougal on

I actually took the CRC course through AAPC, but stumbled upon your videos and wished I had taken your course due to the multitude of ways in which you support your students. When the week before the actual exam came around I took it off from work to take as many practice exams as possible and bought both of yours, as well as accessed the free one. I am very glad I did as they really bolstered my confidence and rounded out my knowledge base! Now, I want to go deeper with my coding expertise and would love to get my hands on those Pearls! How? I am also considering taking your ICD-10 coding course for extra practice as I never coded anything in my life prior to taking the course beginning February! Please let me know what you would suggest as a good way to strengthen this skill! I actually find that I LOVE ICD-10 coding!! Thanks so much!!

by Kimberly Edwards on

Thank you for all the time and effort you put into the videos and products. Your program is why I passed on my first try. I had no experience in the medical field and after 8 months of classes and your CPC Blitz program I did it!!! Thank you!

by Betty Morrison on

I am extremely excited and honored to belong to an esteemed organization.

by Susan Morgan on

The CPMA blitz was priceless!

by Ashley Ellis on

I began my course in Jan 2018 and finished April 2018, passed my COC Exam on the first try May 2018. This program was amazing and taught me exactly what I needed to know to pass my exam. The BHAT™ system was huge during the exam. Thank you so much for putting this together.

by W.H., Georgia on

I am so thankful to CCO in a huge way; Laureen for giving me a helping hand (gift), and Alicia for coaching me and Lori for answering my questions and walking me thru Podio. Y'all rock! I am now a CPC-A- W.H., Georgia

by Whitney Holt on

I passed the CPC Exam on my first try with an 86%. It was five long days of waiting, but when I saw CPC-A by my name, I was overjoyed. If it had not been for CCO, I would not have made it. Thanks CCO for all that you provide for your members to help them succeed and pass certification exams. I used the BHAT™ system, the CPC Blitz, CCO Webinars, Practice Exams and all of the good advice and encouragement I have gotten from Alicia and Joanne. They make coding easy to understand and fun. I have recommended CCO to some of my friends and will tell anyone interested in learning and expanding their coding and billing knowledge that CCO is the place to go. You won't be disappointed!! Thanks again!!!

by Shelly on

I purchased the CPC Blitz in 2015 to pass the exam. I did it with the help of the CPC Blitz and especially the BHAT™ system. I purchased the COC exam last March with the goal to take the COC exam in a year. I of course procrastinated but with the help of the COC Blitz and the BHAT™, I PASSED!!!!I just want to thank the CCO club staff for being there and putting these tools together. I will be taking the CIC next and I will be purchasing the Blitz from CCO for sure.

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