Book FAQ

If you’re testing for the AAPC exam, you will need the AMA CPT Version during testing. They will not allow any other vendor.

Regarding ICD and HCPCS, the AAPC allows any vendor manual during testing.

If you’re actually sitting and testing for the exam this year before Dec 31st, 2019, purchase the 2019 version because the exam uses 2019 manuals.

If you’re sitting and testing after Jan 1st, 2020, you’ll need 2020 manuals since the exam starts using 2020 content on Jan 1st.

It doesn’t really matter. We will still be using the same vendor and book title next year so that will not change. Plus, the core content for all our courses barely change from one year to the next. If there are substantial changes, we will address them as Addendums or re-record chapter lessons if necessary in accordance with our Yearly Update Policy.

No. If you’re learning with the current year’s version, you can simply complete your studies with that same version. When next year’s book comes out, you are not required to purchase the new version. Remember, the content is not changing much each year and if there are changes, we’ll add the necessary Addendum to help you stay updated.

Bottom line: Don’t stress the new textbook versions for courses. We feel it’s much more important to get started with studies than worrying about yearly textbook changes.

ICD changes yearly on Oct 1st and new ICD-10 manuals are available 1-2 months ahead of that date.

CPT & HCPCS don’t change until Jan 1st, so you will start seeing those being advertised around mid-October and November each year.

Required Books for Courses

(MTA) Medical Terminology and Anatomy Course

(PATHO) Pathophysiology Course

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(PCO) Professional Compliance Officer Course


(PHARM) Pharmacology Course

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Required Books for Review Blitzes

ICD-10-PCS Review Blitz