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The Ultimate Membership for Earning CEUs, Webinar Replays, Q&As and Extended Product Support

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Ready to Join the Premier Online Medical Coding & Billing Membership?

For the past several years, we’ve been hearing the same challenges being repeated by our students over and over again. We decided to get to work on the challenges and we’ve been quietly working on a membership solution to answer all those questions and more. The result is the CCO Club, a place where medical coders, billers, auditors and practice managers can convene to discuss, learn and expand their knowledge.

Your Pass Into The CCO Club Includes…

  • Continued Access to All CCO Courses & Review Blitzes You’ve Purchased In The Past
  • Access to Monthly Q&A Webinars
  • Access to Student Q&A Webinar Replays
  • Access to CCO Club Q&A Webinar Replays
  • Access to the BHAT™ Cave
  • Ask for Help with Medical Coding, Billing, Reimbursement, Auditing, Risk Adjustment or Practice Management Challenges You’re Facing on the Job in our Private Community
  • Share Cases with Redacted Information for Community Members and CCO Staff to Answer
  • Many CEU Opportunities Available On Various Topics

  • Invitations to Select CCO Events
  • Invitations to Select Support Calls
  • Discounts on CCO Courses, Review Blitzes and CEU Classes after 3 months of continuous membership.

  • Priority consideration for topic requests – your requests move to the front of the line!

I appreciate all the hard work behind the scenes that everyone puts in to give us such great information!

The information that the members and instructors share is always helpful. Being able to attend the webinars and see the presenters is amazing and you are able to ask questions and get immediate answers, just amazing.

I really liked the BHAT technique and it helped me pass a very difficult certification.

  1. Convenient
  2. Reliable information/resources
  3. The topics vary (which as a coder we sometimes get pigeonholed into our “area” and don’t stay up on other areas of coding)

I recommended it to all my co-workers and ladies that ask me where I get all my information from and want to get started in coding. I tell them all to go to CCO.

Rebecca Pollard
Sample Replay Video from the Q&A Webinar

Monthly Q&A Webinar Replays

Every month CCO hosts a live webinar which fields questions from you and your peers. We prepare answers to your questions prior to the call and present answers via a live, engaging webinar. The CCO Club is perfect for anyone wishing to replay the Monthly Q&A Webinars that they either missed or would like to see again. It provides the full video recording, the full transcript, audio recordings, and answer sheets.

Sample Replay Video from Support Call

Student Q&A Webinar Replays

CCO frequently hosts a live Student Q&A Webinar video conference with current CCO students. During these events, students can ask any question about the course they’re currently enrolled in and our instructors will help them while everyone listens in.

The CCO Club is perfect for anyone wishing to attend live or watch the replay of past Student Q&A Webinars that they either missed or would like to see again. It provides the full video recording, the full transcript and the audio recordings for these calls. We provide replays for:

  • ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, RA, and CIC students or those preparing for CPC, COC, CIC, CRC, CCS credentials.
  • PBB students or those preparing for CPB credentials.
  • PBMA and Compliance students or those preparing for CPMA or CPCO credentials.
  • PBC, FBC students or those preparing for CPC, COC credentials.
Watch the Full Launch of the CCO Club During Our “Live with Laureen” Facebook Event

CCO Club Q&A Webinar Replays

CCO hosts several CCO Club Q&A live events to help educate anyone interested in medical coding, billing and risk adjustment. During these events, we cover many topics for both beginners and veteran coders alike.

The CCO Club is perfect for anyone wishing to replay the CCO Club Q&A Webinar Live Events that they either missed or would like to see again. It provides the full video recording, the full transcript and the audio recordings for these calls. We provide the replays for:

  • CCO Club Q&A Events
  • Student Q&A Events
  • “Live with CCO” Events
  • Case Study Events

Extra CCO Club Benefits Include

Access to these Exclusive CCO Webinars

Understanding Medicare Payment Methodologies

Watch Chandra Stephenson, CPC, COC, CIC, CPB, CPCO, CPMA, CCS, CPC-I, CANPC, CEMC, CFPC, CGSC, CIMC, COSC, take you through Understanding Medicare Payment Methodologies. In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • Prospective Payment Systems (PPS) including Inpatient PPS, TEFRA affected IPPS, Outpatient PPS, Home Health, Hospice, Skilled Nursing Facility
  • Fee for Service (FFS) including Ambulance, DME, Clinical Laboratory, Physician
  • Risk Adjustment

Every year CCO presents and records yearly updates explaining the changes in CPT, ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS that directly impact your job and company. These exclusive live events are only available for CCO Club members and once they’re complete, the replays become available for members within a few weeks. These Update Webinars are perfect for…

  • Certified Medical Coders (CPC®)
  • Certified Medical Billers (CPB®)
  • Documentation Specialists (CEDO®)
  • Certified Professional Medical Auditors (CPMA®)
  • Practice Managers (CPPM®)
  • Physicians (MD)
  • Mid-level Providers

Extended Access to Past Purchases of CCO Courses & Review Blitzes

If you are a current or past CCO Student, you’re going to love this CCO Club benefit! If you’ve ever purchased and fully paid for any CCO Course or Review Blitz, you will receive continued access to these products as long as you are a CCO Club member in good standing.

Even if you purchased the Course or Review Blitz 2-3 years ago, you can sign up to the CCO Club and once again receive access to the latest lectures, videos, and resource materials. This benefit does not include One-on-One support with a personal coach but that’s ok because with the CCO Club, you can always ask the community for help along the way. And if you really need extended One-on-One personal coaching, we have plans available. Please contact our our Support Desk for more information.

Access to the BHAT™ Cave

Learn How to Bubble, Highlight and Annotate Your CPT Manual

BHAT™ is a proprietary system, which is used in connection with our educational services, created by Laureen Jandroep in 1999 that uses bubbling, highlighting and annotation techniques to help students quickly find key answers in their manuals during the open book CPC® exams.

Instead of flipping back and forth between pages where the guidelines are, the answers are right next to the codes when a student takes the board exam. Students have stated the BHAT™ system gave them the confidence they needed to pass the exam. Another plus: the BHAT™ system helps coders in their day to day coding work after the exam as well!

In this membership, you’ll learn how to mark up your manuals using CCO’s exclusive BHAT™ system.

Ask for Help with Coding, Billing or Workplace Challenges

This is a very popular request that we’re happy to finally offer in a private community. If you have any challenges you’re facing at your job, the CCO Staff and Community are here to help and provide solutions. Here are some common issues you’re welcome to ask for help resolving. Naturally, you’re not limited to only these topics:

  • Medical coding, codes and challenges
  • Billing/Reimbursement assistance or challenges
  • ICD-10 questions and clarification on meanings
  • Medicare Regulations
  • Modifiers questions and clarification
  • E/M questions and clarification
  • Inpatient/Outpatient coding questions or clarification
  • Workplace productivity and career guidance
  • Nearly anything else you can think about regarding medical coding, billing, auditing, risk adjustment and more…

Share a Case You Need Help Coding

Here’s another immensely popular request that we’re thrilled to include in the CCO Club. Cases! You can now share a case (redacted of course) that you need help coding and what you think the codes/billing should be, and the community will weigh in with their thoughts. Here’s a list of topics we’re happy to receive codes for:

  • Medical Coding
  • Medical Billing
  • ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS Coding
  • Risk Adjustment Coding
  • Inpatient Coding
  • Outpatient Coding
  • E/M Coding
  • Modifiers Coding
  • More coming soon!

Many AAPC, AHIMA and QPro CEU Opportunities Throughout The Club

Once you’ve passed at least one AAPC exam, you’ll need to maintain your certification every 2 years by acquiring CEU credits if you have one  or multiple credentials.

We’ve taken that worry off your shoulders by providing many CEU opportunities throughout the CCO Club.

We typically bundle our CCO Club Q&A Webinars, CCO Case Studies and Monthly Q&A Webinars into multiple CEU Mini-Courses that include Transcripts, Video and Audio replays inside the Club. And since the Mini-Courses are online, you can watch, pause and resume them at your convenience. Our CEUs are accepted at AAPC, AHIMA and QPro.

Invitations to Select Live Events and Support Calls

The team at CCO is frequently hosting many Live Events and Support Calls every week. As a CCO Club Member, you will occasionally receive invitations to select events to attend and join in on the educational fun.

And once your done with the event, head back over the CCO Club to discuss it with peers, ask any additional questions that came up or post your thoughts and comments. Our CCO Club community loves helping out.

Access Also Includes These Exciting Community Features

Join the CCO Club & Lock In Our Lowest Rates

CCO Club Basic

$2499Every 30 Days
  • Monthly Public Q&A Webinar Replays
  • Student Q&A Webinar Replays
  • CCO Club Q&A Webinar Event Replays
  • CCO Case Studies Webinar Event Replays
  • Access to the BHAT® Cave
  • Ask for Coding Help
  • Share A Case
  • Many CEU Opportunities Available
  • Extended Access to Past Purchases*
  • Group Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the instant availability of internet-based training, CCO does not provide refunds or cancellations on any of our products including Courses, Review Blitzes, Practice Exams, Bundles, CEU Classes, Combos or CCO Club payments.

Since 1999, we’ve been proudly training thousands of students to help them pass their certification exams. If you feel the need to see examples of our teaching style, please visit our YouTube channel with hundreds of videos and over 2 million views. If you would like to read past student reviews on our products, you’re welcome to read through our hundreds of  testimonials.

If you wish to cancel this membership, click here to login to the Member’s Area. On the product listing page, you will see a “cancel” button beside your Membership. Click the button to cancel your membership. You will continue to receive access until your current enrollment period ends. We do not give prorated refunds. Also note there is a reactivation fee of $25 to reactivate your monthly access to the CCO Club at a later date. If you would like us to also reactivate your access to past Review Blitzes and Courses after canceling, the fee increases to $125 to accommodate for the manual labor involved in verifying and providing access once again.

Yes, you can re-join but you will lose your current lower rate and will need to re-join at the current fee. Membership fees will increase every month until we feel the Club has reached maturity.

In addition, there is a reactivation fee of $25 to reactivate your monthly access to the CCO Club. If you would like us to also reactivate your access to past Review Blitzes and Courses after canceling, the fee increases to $125 to accommodate for the manual labor involved in verifying and providing access once again.

The CCO Club is for everyone! It may be easier for those with medical coding knowledge to understand and grasp the content, but the more you are exposed to helpful coding examples, guidelines, and topics about the medical coding professions, the sooner you will learn it. Therefore, please feel welcome to sign up for the CCO Club no matter what level of coding expertise you currently have so you can learn more! We are very proud of the supportive environment our student support hubs have been and fully expect that to carry over to the CCO Club.

In addition, the CCO Club provides healthcare workers such as front office clerks, medical receptionists, case managers, medical records clerks, transcriptionists, schedulers, research coordinators, nurses, caregivers or similar roles a great way to learn new topics and expand their knowledge of medical coding, billing, auditing, risk adjustment, compliance and more.

If you are not certified then CEUs are not needed however anyone can take the quiz to test their knowledge, and all are welcome to join the Club to enhance their education and network with peers.  And once you get your certification the videos and CEU quizzes will be waiting for you.

Our AAPCs are accepted at the AAPC, AHIMA and QPro. To find the exact count of CEUs, please scroll to the top of this page.

Yes, the initial live presentation of the Monthly Q&A Webinar is free, and a service CCO gladly offers to help coders in understanding a variety of topics. Once the live webinar is complete, we process the recording taken during the live webinar and archive it to our CCO Club, which is open for further viewing exclusively for our CCO Club members along with full transcription, handouts and answer sheets.

Yes!  We use a platform called the CCO Community and you will receive a separate email.  You can read at this FAQ.

On May 28th, 2019, CCO Club Prime closed for new, public student registrations.

It is now exclusively available to returning CCO students that have purchased at least one of the following full Courses from us in the past: PBC, FBC, PBMA, PBB, RAC, PCO, IPC, ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, MTA, PATHO or PHARM Course. Unfortunately, past purchases of a Review Blitz, Practice Exam, CCO Club or CCO Club Prime membership do not qualify.

If you are a returning student of one of the above Courses, please open a Help Desk ticket so we can verify eligibility and email you a link to more details.

Yes, Basic grants you continued access to past purchases of Courses and Review Blitzes that are still available in our catalog. Retired, Prime-related or outdated products cannot be extended. In addition, the following products cannot be extended:

  • Practice Exams
  • CEU OnDemand Classes including, but not limited to, E/M and Modifiers Classes
  • Outdated Courses
  • Prime Courses
  • Monthly Q&A Webinar Live CEU Certificates
  • CPT, ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS Update Webinars (The most recent one is already inside the CCO Club)
  • Practicode/Practicum
  • Find-A-Code
  • Any other item that is not a current Course or Review Blitz.

Extended Access to Past Courses does not include personal, one-on-one coaching. Any questions will need to be posted inside the Student Support Hub forums (SSH) where one of our certified staff or instructors will respond.

System Requirements for Streaming Video

  • Our members area offers online streaming videos that are fully compatible with the newest web browsers from Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Older versions of web browsers will not work since they do not support HTML5 or modern video files.
  • CCO only supports the Chrome Web Browser which can be downloaded for free here.
  • We recommend a modern Computer, Laptop or Tablet and a high-speed internet connection to experience smooth streaming playback of our HD videos. Slower computers (pre-2010) and internet connections will result in choppy playback and browser errors.
  • Newer iPhones and iPads are fully supported.
  • Android phones are not officially supported, but students report the videos play well on them.
  • Finally, don’t stress the tech stuff too much. Our friendly support team is always here to help you on your medical coding journey.