Online Medical Coding Course

A Complete, Online Education for Learning Medical Coding in a Physician’s Office

For over 16 years we have been teaching this medical coding program – with many students successfully passing their first CPC® exam after training with us by viewing our videos and learning our techniques. This Physician Based Medical Coding course will provide you the training you need to learn HOW to do medical coding and gives you all the training needed to pass the CPC® exam or other physician-based coding credentials like the QMC, CCS-P or CMCS. You will be ready to start your new Medical Coding career.

Our goal is to give you all the current information needed to be a successful medical coder AND pass your medical coding CPC exam test. This includes training in CPT coding, HCPCS and ICD-10-CM coding as well as understanding payment methodologies.

When you are finished with our medical coding course online, you will be able to review and assign the correct procedures and diagnostic codes for patient encounters in a physician office or outpatient setting.

Who Can Benefit From This Medical Coding Course:

  • New students looking to change careers
  • Existing students enrolled outside CCO that require supplemental training
  • Healthcare workers looking to switch roles at their workplace such as front office clerks, medical receptionists, case managers, medical records clerks, transcriptionists, schedulers, research coordinators, nurses, caregivers or similar roles.
  • Important Pre-Requisite: Students should have a solid foundation of Medical Terminology and Anatomy knowledge to properly learn the material.
Medical Coding Course
Medical Coding Course

Physician Based Medical Coding Course Online

QMC® | CPC® | CCS-P | CMC Exam Preparation

Includes The BHAT® System

BHAT® (pronounced ‘bat’) stands for “Bubble, Highlight and Annotate Technique“. This is a proprietary system, which is used in connection with our educational services, created by Laureen Jandroep in 1999 that uses bubbling, highlighting and annotation techniques to help students quickly find key answers in their manuals during the open book CPC® exams.

Instead of flipping back and forth between pages where the guidelines are, the answers are right next to the codes when a student takes the board exam. Students have stated the BHAT® system gave them the confidence they needed to pass the exam. Another plus: the BHAT® system also helps coders in their day to day coding work! [Learn More]

Maybe You Are One of The People Who Is:

  • Not sure if that local school down the street has good medical coding certificate program?
  • Curious if you actually need to attend a local college because you prefer a medical coding course online?
  • Worried about reports of people attending a $19,000 online medical course and not having the skills that will help them become a certified medical coder or pass the exam?
  • Wondering if you will finish your medical coding certification program in the typical 4 months online programs give you to finish?
  • Wishing someone would just take your hand and guide you to become a medical coder from beginning to end without emptying your wallet?

If You Need To Learn Medical Coding Online, You’ve Come to the Right Place!

My name is Laureen Jandroep and I’m the founder and CEO of CCO. I’ve been teaching and coaching medical coders prepare for their medical coding specialist certificate since 1999.

I basically thought I was going to be an Occupational Therapist when I grew up and I was for a number of years. I actually ran a therapy practice here in South Jersey. At our zenith, we had about 27 therapists, aides and office staff. On average we  did over 1.6 million in billing a year of which I was quite proud. But what I was most proud of is that we had less than a 0.06% rejection rate and that was because we did good coding. Kind of by accident, I basically had to do billing. I had to learn about cost reports and all of that. I got out manuals and I actually read the introductions of my coding manuals. We had a very low denial rate and in the rehab industry, that’s just unheard of. So I have taken an interest in coding since back then. Medicare basically changed the way rehab agencies like mine were able to bill, and many of us went out of business. So I got into the billing and coding world. I ran a school for a number of years which I loved… and guess what… I’m still teaching even now!

We have a unique way of teaching myself new concepts and we share that with our students. So they “get it”. As fast as possible. Because medical coding demands that we stay current on changes in medical coding and billing. So let me tell you…

There is a Solution to Finding the Best Online Medical Coding Training

You see, it doesn’t have to be that hard. You don’t need to stress. After all, most medical coding schools are using the same textbooks and workbooks. So the important thing to focus on is the instructor and their teaching methods. There is an easier way…

Much thanks to Laureen and Alicia for your help and support! I passed the first time with an 88%! I feel such a sense of accomplishment! I knuckled down and completed the PBC course and the Blitz. The bubbling and highlighting is superb! Also, the practice exams were very helpful as Laureen and Alicia advised. Alicia’s understanding and nurturing coaching style is perfect for me. She was available when I needed her. Looking forward to continuing my studies with both of you.

Kathleen Donoghue

Can you hear me screaming from the roof top??!! I passed my CPC certification on the very first try! I am so thankful for your Blitz videos and practice exams. I just found out today that I actually passed the test.

Brittany Pendleton

We Prepare You For The Following Medical Coding Certification Exams:

  • Certified Professional Coder (CPC®) exam by the American Academy of Professionals.
  • Certified Coding Specialist-Physician Based (CCS-P) exam by the American Health Information Association.

Everything You Need to Know Is Instantly Available Online

  • Video Lectures so it’s as if you are sitting there in class right with your instructor
  • Reading Assignments from the most widely used medical coding text in the industry
  • Online Exams with immediate grading and feedback
  • Student Support Forum dedicated to supporting our students
  • Coaching Support and review of your progress.

Requirements and Pre-Requisites

  • Students should have a solid foundation of Medical Terminology and Anatomy knowledge to properly learn the material.
  • Students are responsible for providing their own Manuals and textbooks. Click here for information about required textbooks.

What You Can Expect From Our
Medical Coding Based Medical Coding Course

80+ Hours Equivalent Course

This isn’t a short one-time bootcamp or webinar event. This is a full and comprehensive course that dives into the details of medical coding at a physician or medical office.

Self-Paced, Online Courses

All our courses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any internet-enabled device. You can learn at your own pace and rewind whenever necessary to re-learn topics.

9 Months of Continuous Access

We include 9 months (270 days) of continuous access to the course. If you decide to take a break, you can always return anytime within those 9 months to pick up where you left off.

Easy to Understand Style

We know it can be hard to learn coding material. That’s why we pride ourselves on our “easy to understand” teaching style. Keeping you engaged and learning is our top priority.

Chapter Tests

We include chapter tests to ensure you’ve learned the material properly before moving on. If you hit a roadblock, simply revisit the online chapter lessons to refresh your knowledge.

Student Support Forums

Our Student Support Forums are where students, staff and instructors can meet virtually inside a private discussion area to ask questions or simply chat about course topics and news.

Live Group Webinars

Our instructors meet with many students on a live “group webinar” via video conferencing to answer all course and career questions. As a full course student you’re invited to call or log in and ask questions during the live event.

Certified Instructor Support

Our certified CCO Instructor will first get to know you during your welcome call. During your study, they will also provide ongoing encouragement, guidance and direction via private, forum-based coaching.

Ready for More? We’re Also Including $800 In Free Bonuses 

CPC Review Blitz

We normally charge $359 for access to the CPC Review Blitz for exam preparation. When you purchase this course, you’ll receive access for free while you’re a student of this course.

ICD-10-CM Review Blitz

Need to refine, refresh and review ICD-10 skills? This $149 Review Blitz is included free with the course so you can make sure you’ve truly mastered diagnosis coding.

CCO Mini-Mock Exams

We normally charge $69.95 for access to the 180 Question CCO Mini-Mock Practice Exam Bundle. With this course, you’ll receive access for free while you’re a student of this course.

Modifiers Class

We’re including access to our Modifiers Class so you can learn the topic in additional detail.

BHAT® Cave

The BHAT® Cave is a private members area that shows you exactly how to mark up your CPT and ICD-10 Guidelines using the BHAT® method. This bonus is priceless in our opinion.

Anatomy & Physiology Crash Course Videos

Need a refresher on Human Anatomy and Physiology? We’ve included 40+ videos covering tissue, integumentary, nervous system, muscles, respiratory system and more so you can understand medical terminology.

Medical Coding Material Covered in the Course

  • Reimbursement HIPAA and Compliance
  • An Overview of ICD-10-CM
  • ICD-10-CM Outpatient Coding and Reporting Guidelines
  • Using ICD-10-CM
  • Chapter Specific Guidelines (ICD-10-CM Chapters 1-10)
  • Chapter Specific Guidelines (ICD-10-CM Chapters 11-14)
  • Chapter Specific Guidelines (ICD-10-CM Chapters 15-21)
  • Introduction to CPT
  • Introduction to the Level II National Codes (HCPCS)
  • Modifiers
  • Evaluation and Management (E/M) Services
  • Anesthesia
  • Surgery Guidelines and General Surgery
  • Integumentary System
  • Musculoskeletal System
  • Respiratory System
  • Cardiovascular System
  • Hemic, Lymphatic, Mediastinum, and Diaphragm
  • Digestive System
  • Urinary and Male Genital Systems
  • Reproductive, Intersex Surgery, Female Genital System, and Maternity Care and Delivery
  • Endocrine and Nervous Systems
  • Eye, Ocular Adnexa, Auditory and Operating Microscope
  • Radiology
  • Pathology/Laboratory
  • Medicine
  • Inpatient Coding Introduction

Bonus Content & Extra Resources

  • BHAT® Cave Access
  • The Parts of Medicare: A & B
  • The Parts of Medicare: C & D
  • What is the HIPAA Privacy Rule?
  • Student Support Hub
  • Instructor Coaching and Support
  • Free CPC™ Practice Exam
  • Payment Methodologies
  • How To Handle Multiple Code Answers
  • Compliance & Regulatory: Questions on CPC Exam, NCCI Edits, RVU’s and more
  • Crash Course Anatomy & Physiology Videos

Includes (1) One FREE Pre-Requisite Course
($689 Value)

Select (1) one of the Courses below as a free bonus with purchase.

Advanced Medical Coding, Abstracting and Auditing Course

Medical Terminology Anatomy Course

Medical Terminology & Anatomy Course

ICD-10-CM Diagnostic Coding Course

ICD-10-CM Diagnostic Coding Course

Pharmacology Course

Pharmacology Course for Medical Coders

Pathophysiology Course

Pathophysiology Course for Medical Coders

ICD-10-PCS Procedural Coding Course

ICD-10-PCS Procedural Coding Course

How Does Our Training Program Compare?

(CPC Package)
(CPC Course)
Lecture FormatSlides (with fun graphics to keep it interesting), Video of Instructor Speaking (so it feels like we are right in front of you)Slides with Instructor SpeakingSlides with Instructor Speaking
CPC Practice Exams
($69.95 Value)
230 Question Online Exam150 Question Online Exam
CPC Review Blitz
($359 Value)
ICD-10-CM Review Blitz
($149 Value)
Modifiers Class
BHAT® Cave
(Mark up your CPT Manual just like ours)
Length of Access9 Months4 Months Only
(Add $149.75 for 9 Months)
4 Months Only
(Add $149.75 for 9 Months)
Live Student Support Calls
Student Support Hub
Personal Coach
Forum-Based Support
Payment Plans Available
(9 Months Access)
(4 Months Access)
(4 Months Access)
True ‘Apples to Apples’ Comparison With:
9 Months of Access
CPC Exam Fee (Not Included with this Course)
AAPC Membership (Not Included with this Course)

Students Reviews of Our Medical Coding Specialist Program

Janeen Hartis says "I am nappy to announce that I passed the CPC exam! This was my second try I don't nave any coding experience at all. I believe I failed at first because I didn't finish (15%) Laureen your time management techniques are the best! Thanks so much tor the materials and tor being such a supportive group."
Patricia Nelson-Boruch says "I love CCO! I took her Blitz 4 years ago and passed CPC first attempt. Still to this day I still BHAT my books. Today I finally got to meet Laureen at E/M Extravaganza in Clearwater. It was truly an honor to meet her Thank you for all you do for the coding community."
Raquel Gutierrez-Torres says "Without CCO I would not have passed my CPC exam! Thank you!!"
Brenda Allen Zaitz says "I have had the best Experience with CCO EVERYONE has been so
extremely helpful. I took my course work through AAPC, and wish, after
doing the Blitz Videos, that I had of took CCO's course instead. After doing the blitz, I nave soooo much confidence in my knowledge as I go take my exam again on August 13th. Thank you CCO, and especially you Lori Woods YOU ROCK!!!"

become a certified medical coder!

Yes! Please I’d Like to Order The Medical Coding Course

I understand I’ll be receiving online access to the entire Medical Coding Course plus access to the BHAT® Cave and other CCO resources listed on this page for a small investment!

Medical Coding Course
Medical Coding Course
One Payment
One-Time Payment
One Free Ancillary Course Included (Pick from MTA, ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, Patho, Pharm or AMCAA)
24/7 Instant, Online Access
230 Question CCO Mini-Mock Practice Exams ($69.95 Value)
CPC Review Blitz ($359 Value)
ICD-10-CM Review Blitz ($149 Value)
BHAT® Cave
Live Group Coaching Calls
Student Support Hub (SSH) Forum Support
Private, One-on-One Coaching
1 Welcome Phone Call, 4 Support Phone Calls
9 Months of Access
Books/Manuals Not Included. See Required Books Here.
9-Payment Plan
$499 Today, Then 8 More Payments of $129 Every 30 Days
One Free Ancillary Course Included (Pick from MTA, ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, Patho, Pharm or AMCAA)
24/7 Instant, Online Access
230 Question CCO Mini-Mock Practice Exams ($69.95 Value)
CPC Review Blitz ($359 Value)
ICD-10-CM Review Blitz ($149 Value)
BHAT® Cave
Live Group Coaching Calls
Student Support Hub (SSH) Forum Support
Private, One-on-One Coaching
1 Welcome Phone Call, 4 Support Phone Calls
9 Months of Access (If Canceled, Access is Lost)
Books/Manuals Not Included. See Required Books Here.
Low Monthly Financing
Financing Through Our Partner
If you're looking to pay monthly rather than all up front, we do have loan options. One of our lending partners, Climb Credit, works separately from us but they provide a unique service that allows students to make manageable monthly payments over a few years.
Same Benefits as Other Plans
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No Application Fee
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Books/Manuals Not Included. See Required Books Here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Textbook Needed for the Certified Medical Coding Coder CPC® Course?

Yes. This course requires the separate purchase of a textbook. Please see the list here.

Are There Any CEUs Included?

No, there are no CEUs included with this course. If you need CEU’s, please consider joining the CCO Club.

Are There Any Pre-Requisites For This Course?

Yes. Students should have a solid foundation of Medical Terminology and Anatomy knowledge to properly learn the material.

Can I Download or Play the Videos Offline?

Videos can only be played while connected to a high-speed internet connection. We do not allow videos to be downloaded or played offline.

Is the Cost of the Certification Exam Included?

No. You will need to purchase the exam directly from their website. We do not provide any discounts on the exam.

Is the Cost of the AAPC’s Membership Fee Included?

No. You will need to purchase the membership directly from their website. We do not provide any discounts on the membership.

When Will the Medical Coding Course Be Available for Viewing?

The Medical Coding Course is already complete and live. You can watch them immediately after ordering. All the lessons have been pre-recorded by our Certified Instructor and will be available for replay via any modern internet-enabled device.

Do I Need to Be a Certified Coder to Take This Course?

No. This is a full, comprehensive course similar to the ones offered at local colleges and was purposely created to help you become certified and pass the exam.

What Is the Refund or Cancellation Policy?

Due to the instant availability of internet-based training, CCO does not provide refunds or cancellations on any of our products including Courses, Review Blitzes, Practice Exams, Bundles, CEU Classes, Combos or CCO Club payments.

Where Can I Learn More About CCO?

Since 1999, we’ve been proudly training thousands of students to help them pass their certification exams. If you feel the need to see examples of our teaching style, please visit our YouTube channel with hundreds of videos and over 2 million views. If you would like to read past student reviews on our products, you’re welcome to read through hundreds of testimonials.