CCO Proven Process

Our Exclusive 4-Step Process for Passing Any AAPC Certification Exam

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Step 1: Learn The Core Material

The first step in your journey involves enrolling in a full course to learn the core essentials. Some students learn at local community colleges or universities while others prefer to learn at their own pace from the comfort of their home with CCO Courses. Our full courses provide a complete education of all core concepts without any “fluff” or filler. The online videos can be replayed and viewed from any internet enabled device so you can truly master the material. In the event you need assistance, we include one-on-one support with a dedicated and certified CCO Instructor. Here is what you can expect from Step 1.

“Just got my score from last Saturday. 92%!!!!!! I can’t believe it!!Thank you all so very much. I cannot speak highly enough of your program. Everything is spot-on.”

Elaine H.

Step 2: Refine, Refresh and Review Your Skills

Our Review Blitzes are the perfect way to review, refresh and refine your skills. These Blitzes are for students that have already taken a full course and wish to refresh their skills and learn exam strategies before taking the official AAPC exam. The Blitzes are available online and can be replayed and viewed from any internet enabled device so you truly learn the material. In the event you need assistance, we include responsive email support from one of our certified CCO Instructors.

There is NO doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t have passed the exam without those videos. The bubble/highlight technique was also invaluable. Thank you SO much for helping me become a CPC-A!

Cheryl B.

Step 3: Practice with Timed Exams

Now that you’ve thoroughly studied and reviewed the material, it’s time to invest in Practice Exams to test your knowledge. Our practice exams were created by the Certified Instructors at CCO to help students test their exam proficiency for various AAPC credentials. All practice exams are available online and include complete answers with rationale. We recommend testing with a timer using the recommendations provided inside our Practice Exam area. Here are the practice exams we’re currently offering…

I passed my CPC exam on first try with 80%. I could not have done this without the Blitz videos and practice exams.

Lisa C.

Step 3: Checklist

  • Start with shorter 50-60 question exams and finish with a longer 100 question exam
  • Allow yourself an hour per 25 questions (2.4 minutes per question).
  • Complete entire exam in one shot, perhaps going to the library where you won’t be disturbed and to make it feel like the real thing
  • Use a digital kitchen timer to count time down 60 minutes at a time per the Blitz technique.
  • Use a sample test grid to get used to using it for the real exam.
  • Score your answers and review ALL rationales thoroughly
  • Repeat the process until you score an 85% on shorter exams
  • Then if time and budget allow complete a 100-150 question practice exam
  • Go over questions you don’t understand with an instructor or seasoned coder.  CCO offers a weekly support call as part of their course and Blitz packages where you can get help on any topics you need related to the course or Blitz

Step 4: Take and Pass the Exam

The last step to the CCO Proven Process involves registering for the AAPC certification exam and passing it. If you’ve followed all the tips provided above, you will feel extraordinarily confident during the test and we are certain you will pass on the first try. Afterwards, be sure to return to us to maintain your annual Continuing Education Units (CEU) so you can remain certified with the AAPC. We also provide free monthly Q&A webinars to keep your knowledge up to date while networking with fellow peers.

OMG!! I finally passed my certification, I have tried numerous times until I came across Laureen’s blitz videos. IT WORKS!! She explains everything. I don’t think I could have passed the exam if I had not used her program. Thank you Laureen, your blitz videos rock!!

Lakisha L.

Step 4: Checklist

  • Take and Pass the Exam
  • Maintain Regular CEUs with CCO Club
  • Attend Free Monthly Q&A Webinars to Grow & Network