Get 3 Free AAPC CEUs

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When do the free CEUs expire?

The current free CEUs expire on 6/30/2024 and must be submitted to the AAPC CEU tracker before the expiration date.

What’s the catch? Why are you just giving away 3 Free CEUs?

There is no catch and there are no surprise costs or fees for the free CEUs. We’ve been training medical coders since 1999 and the free CEUs are our way of giving back to the community and building rapport with certified coders in the hopes they’ll recommend us to colleagues.

Do I have to pay anything to receive the free CEU certificate?

There is nothing to pay. You just need to sign up for the CCO Community (using the form on this page) so you can watch the videos. Then take and pass the quiz to earn the CEU certifcate. You will need a 70% score minimum to pass.

Will these free CEUs only work at the AAPC? Will AHIMA accept them?

These CEUs will work at the AAPC and AHIMA as they both have a reciprocal agreement to accept each others CEUs.

How long will I have to wait to receive or claim the free CEU?

The free CEUs will become instantly available as soon as you pass the CEU quiz as mentioned above.

Can I share and tell co-workers about these free CEUs?

Absolutely. All medical coders, billers, risk adjustment coders and certified individuals need CEUs so you’re more than welcome to share this page and offer with them.