[2023 Update] Unofficial Online CPC Exam FAQ

The AAPC is now offering Online CPC® Exam Testing with their partner, Examity. With the original 2020 announcement came many questions, concerns, and experiences. Now, in July of 2023, there are even more changes and clarifications to policies. We’ve been …

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OBGYN Medical Coding and Case Studies

There were some questions that came in about coding for obstetrics or OBGYN. So, I picked two case studies and we’re gonna walk through them and I’m going to show you how to abstract, how to look for the code within the case, and know that this is the type of study that we do with our new advanced course.

Stages of Heart Failure in Medical Coding

One of the things that we’re going to be talking about specifically today is we’re going to be talking about heart failure and the stages of heart failure. If we understand the different types, one, we can abstract quicker because we’ll know the content that we need or the verbiage that we need to be able to translate to the highest specificity.