17 Feb, 2018

CPB Exam Strategies and Test Taking Tips

 Laureen: All right. We’ll hold onto them. Let’s talk about the CPB. That’s the Certified Professional Biller credential that is from the AAPC. The first person was asking about CPB exam strategies and test taking tips. Chandra - surprise, surprise - does hold that credential. Normally, what we like to

3 Feb, 2018

December 2017 CCO Graduates, CRC, CPB and CPC Exam Passers

 “The secret of success is to be ready when your opportunity comes.”  — Benjamin Disraeli   Congratulations to our new CCO graduates and December 2017 CRC, CPB and CPC Exam Passers!  You definitely were well-prepared when the opportunity to become certified medical coders knocked on your door.  What a great gift to yourselves and to

29 Jan, 2018

The Anatomy of a Patient’s Medical Billing Phone Call

Working in a medical billing office, a great responsibility rests on our shoulders. We are deemed with knowing the ins and outs of the insurance industry. We have to know all the codes, copays and rules for Medicare. We have the knowledge of Stark Laws and HIPAA. But most importantly, we

22 Jan, 2018

7 Traits That Make A Top-Notch Medical Coding Professional

Medical coding is much more than just a clerical job. It requires someone who can demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy, and physiology. Becoming an excellent coder requires someone who is eager to continually learn and keep up with medical advancements. It also takes certain traits to be a

15 Jan, 2018

Do I Need an Associate’s Degree to Become a Medical Coder?

 Laureen: Yup. Anything you wanted to add on any of these questions, Lori? Lori: I do think AAPC scares a lot of people with their "you must have an associate’s degree". They put that on almost all of the credentials. “We recommend that you have an associate’s degree.” Laureen: They

8 Jan, 2018

Is the CRC® Credential a Good Choice for New Coders?

 Then the last question that we were going to answer was about CRC® for new coders. This actually came up as a chat question in our last webinar. The person wanted to know, it says: “It sounds to me like the CRC® is the way to go, but is it

25 Dec, 2017

CPC-A Apprenticeship Removal: What Exactly Counts and Why?

This next question, Lori, I think you helped a lot with as far as putting the questions in. These were the two related questions: “What exactly counts for the CPC apprentice 'A' removal and why?" and... "Why don’t the CCO Blitzes count for an apprentice 'A' removal?  I’m spending a lot

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