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No Experience? Don’t Let That Stop You!

Learn How Joseph Samet Went From No Medical-coding Education To Passing His Certification Exams In Just A Few Months

medical-coding-with-no-experienceDon’t let a lack of formal education or real world experiences deter you from a career in medical coding. See how Joseph Samet discovered he had a knack for coding and used CCO to achieve a successful career change into the medical field.

This free case study will give you the confidence you need to break into the medical coding industry, and the specific steps Joseph took to pass his exam on the first try.

This case study covers:

  • CCO’s commitment to helping every client reach their specific goals.
  • Joseph’s journey from 0 experience to a position at Milin Associates Discover
  • Joseph’s favorite CCO learning features that assist in memory and comprehension

Do you want a job in medical coding but are worried that your lack of experience will make it impossible?

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