Dorsey Taylor Student Case Study

Switching Healthcare Careers from Scheduler to Medical Coding

This Radiology Scheduler Is Happy to Have Medical Career Options

See why people like Dorsey Taylor trust CCO to give them the resources they need to advance in their medical coding profession.

This free case study will provide you with a clear picture of the path to passing certification exams on your own time schedule. Discover what works for other people and decide if CCO is the right tool for you.

This client case study covers:

  • The flexibility and affordability of going through exam prep with CCO
  • The precise package of material Dorsey used to pass her exams
  • First-hand testimonial of what it’s like to work with CCO

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Student Case Study: Dorsey Taylor

Dorsey Taylor, CPC Raleigh, NC

“It’s nice to have options when it comes to careers in the healthcare industry. You never know what the future holds. Now that I have my CPC certification, I know I am able to apply for a CPC position should it arise. You can never have too much information in this field. Every bit helps.”

Coder Challenge:

Starting off in the health care field as a radiologic technologist, a back injury and subsequent surgery made it difficult for Dorsey to keep up with the physical demands of the job. Her employer relocated her to another part of the business and for the past few years she has worked as a scheduler at Raleigh Radiology. While she appreciated the opportunity to stay on board, she thought medical coding might be a bit more interesting and challenging than scheduling. She took some community college courses having to do with medical coding but did not find them to be very effective. She needed a practical alternative.

Coder Solution:

While surfing the Web, Dorsey discovered CCO. She purchased the video blitz course and studied for six months. “CCO cuts right to the chase and tells you exactly what you need to know,” she says. She received her CPC in  June of 2013 and is ready for what the future has to bring. “I’m not doing any medical coding in my job right now, but it’s nice to know I have options,” she says. “I’ve also enrolled in the facility-based coding course.”

What did Dorsey like best? 

  • The shortcuts
  • The lectures
  • The coaching
  • The time-management techniques (I finished my exam right on time!)

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