Medical Coding Classes Online Part 1

So what does the actual course work look like when you want to learn medical coding online classes?

Listen in and watch as Laureen Jandroep gives you a view inside the course work of learning medical coding training online at www.CodingCertification.Org

From the video: Medical Coding Classes Online Part 1

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“Hello! Welcome to the Physician Based Medical Coding Course. My name is Laureen Jandoep and I am a certified coder and I’ve been an instructor of coding since 1999 and I love it.

I love teaching. I love using modern technology to teach as well and doing things online to me is the best most convenient way to learn.

So I appreciate you putting your trust me as an instructor and
www.CodingCertification.Org to support you in your journey to becoming certified.

And hopefully it will be a long relationship. Because once you get certified you have to maintain it with continuing education and just day-to-day coding questions that you will have on your job.

So no doubt you found us through … I wanted to kind of give you a little tour of how to get around (the members area).

Sometimes its going to get overwhelming- you’re getting a textbook, a workbook, you’re getting a a CPT® manual, an ICD-9 manual, HCPCS manual…

its a lot of moving parts here compared to maybe some other types of medical coding courses you could’ve taken.

So what we’re going to do is go into the student membership area to kinda give you an overview of what that looks like….”


YouTube video

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