March 2016 Certification Coaching Q & A Webinar Intro

Boyd: Welcome to the March 2016 Certification Coaching Q & A Webinar! We want to welcome you, if this is your first time, please let us know. Thank you guys for being with us tonight. Tonight, we’ve got Alicia Scott, we’ve got Jo-Anne Sheehan, we’ve got Chandra Stephenson, Laureen Jandroep here part of the CCO team, and myself, Boyd Staszewski, your webmaster and webinar host. If this is your first time, we welcome you and if this is more than first time, we also welcome you as we like to say, a CCO groupie, if you will. That’s what we like to call you at least inside our team.

Why stay to the end of the webinar? We have a lot of great things happening. We have some questions that have been prepared, and we’re going to be answering those from the form that you have submitted. We’re going to find out if we’ve got any recent graduates out there, and we’re going to be talking about our courses’ updates.

Laureen, can you tell us a little bit about what the Q&A that we got here on the slide and what we’ve got planned here tonight for people?

Laureen: Yes. We’re mixing up. We’ve got four instructors tonight, which are making it very easy; we each are taking two prepared questions. Jo-Anne is going to kick us off by reviewing the X modifiers again. Some people have written in one a little more clarification. Alicia is going to cover if a Z code can be primary. Chandra is going to talk about modifiers related to global and bundling. I am going to be talking about E/M codes. Jo-Anne is going to talk about chiropractic versus medical coding. Alicia is going to talk about ICD-10-PCS Code for ALF. Chandra is going to talk about E/M during post-op period, and I’m going to end it with Path & Lab question.

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Boyd: We’re going to go for about 90 minutes, and then we’re going to have a wrap-up with a drawing, so all the people who have registered and are present here on the call, you’re going to be eligible for one of our prizes that we’ll give out. We’ll talk about that here in a second. Also, CEU certificate download link that’s available towards the end as well, around 90 minutes. Of course all during the time as normal, you can put in your questions; if something pops in your brain during the webinar that you would like to get answered, we would love to do that.

Know that we have hundreds, if not thousands, I think on average we have 900 questions going through the chat on any given webinar. So please bear with us. We do see all the questions, but Boyd doesn’t answer all the heavy duty coding questions, so forgive us if we have to wait for somebody who’s more knowledgeable to get to your question. Then, we’re going to pick out some of these to answer at the end that is basically not too long and not too short.

Again, our polls aren’t working so we’ll just jump over the polls here. Laureen, do you want to talk a little bit about our giveaway, if you will.

Laureen: Why Stay to the End? – because we like to give you stuff. We’re going to have a drawing and you can choose to have a one-on-one session with any of us or you can have one of our Blitz packages. It used to only be one Blitz, now we’ve got several for you to choose from. You can pick CPC Blitz, COC Blitz, CIC Blitz, CRC Blitz, or ICD-10 Blitz; so we have lots of choices if you win that. Hopefully you win, but you got to be present to win. Last time, we did the Random Name Picker of people who had registered because I grabbed the registered list instead of those who are currently on the call and a couple of them could have won but they weren’t here.

Boyd: Yup!

Laureen: Of course, for those that want CEUs, we’ll give you the link for being able to get your CEUs at the end. If you’re a Replay Club member, it’s for free; if you are not, it’s a $5 charge for the CEU. You can attend and listen live for free, but if you need the CEU certificate then we charge $5.

Boyd: CCO Monthly Q&A Webinar CEU Changes

We’re going to talk a little bit about the CEU pricing. If this is your first webinar after maybe being with us before but it’s been some time, we changed up how the CEU policy happens. So at the end, if you are a member of our CCO Replay Club, you’ll actually get the CEU for this webinar included in that, so you just have to log in and then be able to answer the question, which is basically “Did you attend?” and you’re good to go. If, however, you are not of that club and you would like to get a CEU certificate for today, you’ll be able to purchase that for $5. It’s not mandatory or anything else like that, it’s totally up to you if you need those or not. If you’re not certified, it’s that something that you can really put towards anything at the moment so you don’t need to worry about it.

Anything that I missed around that, guys?

Laureen: No, I just want to give a little history. We’ve been doing these webinars for about four years now and when we first did them, we weren’t even thinking of CEUs, we just did it to provide information and that was fine for years. We had been asked to try and get it approved for CEUs, which we finally did. There are a lot of administrative costs to doing that, so that’s how we charge the $5 just to defray that. That’s all that’s about. We’ll keep applying for it as long as people want them.

Our Replay Club, it’s only $20 a month and you get this month’s replay and all the previous ones. Normally, you can get almost 12 months’ worth of CEUs at 1.5 if you need it, so that’s really a good deal.

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