Remote Presentations

About CCO Remote Presentations

  • These are absolutely free. There is no cost to the chapter or members.  We do this because the feedback assists us in enriching our course content for our students and members.  It also helps get our name out there and build brand awareness.
  • We might promote during the presentation.  Some of the recordings are based on past events and they might include information about the CCO Club or our products.
  • The presentations are typically 60-180 minutes long depending on your selection.
  • Chapter Officers may only request 2 Presentations per calendar year. Use them wisely!
  • No live events. Only Recorded Presentations are available. 

We Can Show Presentations On Any Of The Following Topics

  • CPT Yearly Updates
  • ICD-10-CM Yearly Updates
  • Click here to see all available topics

Here are the 2 Ways We Can Deliver a Remote Presentation

YouTube video

Method 1: Download Link Only

  1. We email you a download link for the handouts and recording.
  2. You download the video and rebroadcast it to your audience using your own Webex, GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar or Zoom account. CCO is unable to provide technical support or help with 3rd party platforms. (Note: To protect our copyright, the downloaded videos cannot be emailed or uploaded publicly to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Etc.)

Method 2: PRE-RECORDED GoToWebinar

  1. We provide you with a GoToWebinar registration link to email to your audience.
    1. The GoToWebinar description and confirmation email contain the handout links for your audience.
    2. Ideally, the email will also explain how your Chapter will deliver CEUs (if any) after the event to it’s members.
  2. Your chapter remotely logs into GoToWebinar at the time of the presentation to watch the pre-recorded event.
  3. There is no Q&A period after the event since CCO is not attending the actual event.
  4. You provide your chapter with any CEUs after the event concludes. CCO does not issue CEUs for remote presentations.
  5. You can email CCO after the event ends to request an attendee list with details about attendance time for your CEU purposes.

After the presentation, we will send you a link to a survey to distribute to your attendees.  Feedback is what helps us improve our content and make it most relevant to what our attendees want.   Any comments or suggestions are welcome and encouraged!

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