January 2012 Webinar Replay

January 2012 Webinar Replay – VIDEO
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In this January 2012 webinar Laureen answers YOUR questions. This included:

– For the CPC exam, I know I can’t bring scrap paper, but can I underline and write in my test booklet?
– Is it really necessary that I purchase the 2012 versions of the CPT. ICD-9-CM, and HCPCS for an up coming exam that I will be taking?
– Problems with essential and nonessential modifiers
– Differences between modifiers 51 and 59
– Are you a CEU vendor with the aapc?
– Can you code & charge for 2 breathing treatments (94640) on the same person if the same machine up is used and only code the additional meds involved in 2nd treatment?
– Is an E/M, splint application code (29000) & supply (99070) all billable codes when a splint is applied during a visit and no manipulation or further treatment is performed?
– Case Study: Patient has basal cell carcinoma his upper back. What procedure codes should be reported?
– Case Study: Determining the best code for a 24 year old patient had an abscess by her vulva which burst.
– and some more questions from the audience…

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4 thoughts on “January 2012 Webinar Replay”

  1. Hi Laureen, it seems that in order to take the CCS exam you need to have 2011 code books and nothing else is allowed. Is it the same with the CPC, do they only alow a certain year codebook? I just bought 2012 codebooks so it seems that I will be taking the CPC instead which is very honorable. Since I don’t have enough money to buy the codebooks and the review both I will need to wait to gather up another $300. But, I also purchased the study guide, will that help me along the way?

    • Hi Olivia – here is the link to the AHIMA CCS exam info page http://www.ahima.org/certification/ccs.aspx I am seeing 2011 as well. I would call them to be sure. It looks like they switch to the new current year’s manuals in July.

      For AAPC you should use the current year’s manuals as of January 1st. Yes the AAPC study guide is good. Bubble and highlight you CPT manual especially and do lots of timed practice tests. When you are consistently getting 85% or higher then you should schedule yourself for the exam.

      Best wishes!

    • Hi Jenn – the live webinar is free to all, the replays are free to CCO Members (i.e.. anyone that has purchased something from us), and $5 to anyone else. Thanks for asking!


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