Medical Coding Certification Webinar September Replay

A lot of new coders on the medical coding certification webinar this month!
And we introduced Twitter chat into our webinars and made it a social event!

Here’s a recap of some of the questions we covered:

  • EM Practice Board Exam Question
  • Where do I take the CPC Exam?
  • ICD-9-CM Burn Coding
  • Anesthesia Coding
  • Understanding Tissue Grafts
  • Do we need a CPC to get a job?

Medical Coding Certification Webinar Excerpt: (31 min)

YouTube video

Please join us next time!

Watch the full聽medical coding certification webinar聽now! We have a special “Webinar Replay Club“… and when you join the club you get first access to the replay of the live event every month. Most importantly, it also includes a printable transcript containing every word spoken during the webinar.

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