Medical Coding Certification Online Courses

So, you’re interested in learning more about our medical coding course products. Well, you’ve come to the right place. All of our medical coding course product offerings are designed to help you take your medical coding career to the next level. 

Free monthly, interactive Q&A webinars let you interact with your peers to discuss challenges; or specialty-specific webinars address more focused topics such as modifiers and E/M coding. We can also help you bone up on your medical terminology and anatomy, and prepare you to take the CPC® exam. Our Medical Coding Coursereview videosCPC® practice test and personal coaching sessions will provide you with the confidence you need.

Additionally, our products are designed to meet various learning styles and are for newbies and seasoned pros. So, whether you want to pass your CPC® exam, or you simply need to freshen up your medical coding skills, you’re sure to find a product to suit your need.

Core Certification Courses

Our full certification courses are true alternatives to costly local schools. They provide a complete education of all core credential concepts without any “fluff” or filler. Plus, unlike local schools, these 40-80 hour equivalent online classes can be replayed and viewed from any internet-enabled device so you truly learn the material. In the event you need assistance or guidance, we include private coaching with a certified CCO Instructor and 9 months of access. Here are the courses we’re currently offering…

Physician Based Medical Coding Course (CPC®)

Our Physician Based Medical Coding course will teach you the core trainings needed for coding in a medical office and gives you all the training needed to pass the AAPC CPC® board exam and start you in your career in Medical Coding.

Facility Based Medical Coding Course (COC®)

This course will teach you the fundamental coding skills needed for an outpatient hospital/facility and ASC setting. It will also prepare you to take AAPC’s CPC-H® exam for a career in medical coding.

Risk Adjustment Course (CRC®)

This course will teach you the fundamental skills needed to learn and improve your understanding of Risk Adjustment methodologies, Medicare Advantage plans and Diagnosis coding.

Physician Based Medical Billing (CPB®)

The PBB course provides the student with the most current information that pertains to the health insurance industry and the various reimbursement methodologies to ensure accurate submission of medical claims.

Inpatient Medical Coding Course (CIC®)

This course will teach you the current information needed to be a successful inpatient medical coder and pass your inpatient medical coding CIC™ exam test.

Ancillary Courses – Learn Supplemental Material

Ancillary Courses for Advanced Medical Coding, Medical Terminology and Anatomy, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS.

Our Ancillary courses give you a comprehensive education to help you fully understand the prerequisites for certification programs. These online classes, equivalent to 20-40 hours of in-person instruction, can be replayed and accessed from any internet-connected device so you can truly absorb the material. If you need help or guidance, personal coaching is included with a certified instructor. Here are the courses we currently offer:

Review Blitzes – Prepare for the Exams

CCO Review Blitz for CPC Exam, ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS

Our Review Blitzes are the ideal way to review, refresh, and hone your skills. These condensed courses are for students who have already taken the full course and need a refresher before taking the AAPC exam. They efficiently recap the essential knowledge required for the exams without any unnecessary material. The Blitzes are available online and can be replayed and accessed from any internet-connected device so you can fully absorb the key concepts. If you need help, we provide forum-based support from our staff and certified instructors. Here are the Review Blitzes we currently offer: