How to Maximize MIPS


This webinar will give the attendee not only a basic understanding of what MACRA/MIPS is but also a step by step process to achieve MIPS and maximize the increase for 2019. Remember that 2017 is a performance year and what you do this year with MIPS dictates whether you will get a 4% reduction in Medicare allowed in 2019 or a 4%, 12% or perhaps (still to be determined) even 22% increase in 2019. CMS alloted $500,000,000 (that is half a billion dollars) to the bonus to be split among the top 25% of MIPS reporters for 2017 performance year for the 2019 payment year. This webinar will, again, give you the 7 steps you need to take to achieve and maximize your MIPS increase for 2019.

This webinar is like no other! We'll provide you with PRACTICAL STEPS to get you going! After a brief overview of MACRA and MIPS, you’ll learn:

  • A process to get you started
  • Steps to take to set your practice up to report MIPS
  • Strategies for making the process easy
  • How to avoid penalties
  • Strategies for achieving and maximizing Bonus points so CMS PAYS YOU MONEY!
  • Tips for being effective and efficient

Regardless of your knowledge of MACRA, you’ll leave this webinar with all you need to get started and be successful.

Note: This webinar will teach you what you need to know about MIPS – but does not get into the APM arena.

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You Will Learn (Objectives):

  • Basic understanding of what MACRA/MIPS is.
  • A step by step process to achieve MIPS and maximize the increase for 2019

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Customer Reviews

  • “The webinar made more sense to me than the ones given by our EMR.”
  • “Best Webinar I have attended in awhile”
  • “Amazing webinar. Don Self certainly has a way of taking a complex subject; dissecting it and “spoon feeding” it back to the audience.”
  • “Awesome fantastico stupendous”
  • “This was very informative and easy to understand. Thank you!!”
  • “You can make anything 1,2,3 !! Exactly what I was hoping to see.”
  • “I thought it was easy to understand, definitely helped to lessen my confusion on the subject. Doesn't seem like it will be such a daunting task.”
  • “This is one of the best webinars I have ever attended.”
  • “It really made MIPS more understandable.”
  • “It was a great webinar. Thanks for offering and providing clarity to this extent.”
  • “Love the step-by-step approach”
  • “Thank you, great job!”
  • “Great! Very informational.”
  • “Wonderful question-answer session at the end!”
  • “Excellent presentation. It's so less scary when Don explains it.”
  • “Informative, took the mystery out of MIPS.
  • “It was very good. It broke down all the components and made it more obvious what area's we need to concentrate on and what area's we can skip, at least for this year.”
  • “Brought all the information that has been circulating down to understandable information for our practice.”
  • “Very informative and helpful. The slides were easy to follow. MIPS is not something easily understood and I felt a sense of relief after viewing the webinar. “
  • “Interesting, down-to-earth, and very practical. It put legs on the global type seminars”
  • “As I have learned through many of Don's programs, he has the ability to narrow down the process and provide real practical information to assist practices in moving through these processes. It is astonishing that the very organization that is requiring physicians to participate in these programs less they take rightfully earned dollars away can not provide such concise information. Don is a breath of fresh air in the daily swamp of healthcare bureaucracy!”
  • “Great webinar! It was exactly what I was looking for”

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