About Tammy Long

Tammy Long considers herself a work in progress in the medical billing and coding field, even with over 20 years of multifaceted, progressive experience. She recently accepted an invitation to participate in the first group of interns with the newly established internship program now offered by the Coding Certification Organization. A BIG believer in “giving back” Tammy continually finds ways to feed her medical coding passion by sharing knowledge or opening doors for others. Tammy is happily married and lives in Northern California.
2 May, 2017

What Is Medical Billing?

How I Got Started in Medical Billing Many years ago, I was fortunate enough to accidentally discover something called “medical billing” because I happened to be in the right place at the right time. Little did I know, the accidental discovery would lead me to my true employment passion medical billing

6 Feb, 2017

Remote Medical Coding With No Experience

I have noticed many newly certified coders posting frustrated messages due to not being able to immediately find work in remote medical coding with no experience. Many are discouraged and ready to give up on their dream. My personality is driven around problem-solving.  It saddened me that people felt so helpless