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28 07, 2012

Medical Coding Certification Webinar Replay (July 2012)

We missed you on our Q & A call! Here's a recap of some of the medical coding certification webinar questions we covered: What is the best medical coding certification to get/which one is preferred by companies the CPC or the CCA? What type of medical terminology will be on

27 10, 2011

October Webinar Replay

In this October Webinar Replay, some topics and questions covered are: * How do you code from an op report? * Can you discuss CPT® stent/cardiac cath coding? * Help for those with Modifiers challenges... * Tips to speed up "flipping" to codes faster in manual to save time on CPC

7 10, 2011

September Webinar Replay

September Webinar Replay Details Below: In this webinar: among the questions asked: * How does the CPC exam compare to the AAPC Online Final Exam? * If I am certified, can I find a job without experience? * What is the best way to prepare for an assessment test a