Intern Applicant Form

Are you looking for experience while searching for your first medical coding, medical billing or practice management job? Or perhaps you want to get experience to remove the “A” from your CPC-A credential? Consider an internship with us at CCO. The Internship requires a 5-8 hour per week minimum commitment for a total of 250 hours in a 1-year period. You are welcome to do more if you wish. We will provide a letter of completion for you once you have completed 250 hours in your 1-year team and we will be available as a reference for prospective employers. You may request to have another term as an intern once this tour is complete.

Typical tasks include  proofreading / editing existing documents and transcripts, researching coding and billing topics, writing answer sheets to be presented by CCO Instructors, responding to student support hub questions and initiating posts, writing CEU quiz questions with rationales, writing blog articles, obtaining redacted reports for practice coding and other activities that interest you. All work is supervised by a CCO Instructor or Subject Matter Expert and their feedback shared with you so you can learn from the experience.

Internships are for certified coders only – please don’t apply until you pass a coding, billing or practice management certification exam. We’ll be here waiting for you when you’re ready.