Do CPT & ICD Medical Coding Manual Changes Affect The CPC Board Exam?

Next question is about CPT & ICD Medical Coding Manual changes. What sections in the CPT 2012 book has had a big change that would affect or be different from the 2011 sections in this book. Can I still use the Blitz videos from 2011 to take the 2012 CPT test?

The answer is the best way to see whats changed in the CPT manual is to check the front for the listing of deleted codes. That is actually ICD right? (Alicia: ICD9 is in the front and CPT is in the back) There we go. So the CPT manual there is a cross walk so you can see the current codes. But what I wanted to emphasize here is not so much ? specifically so much about making a big deal about the changes because the big deal about the changes is for folks who need to update their encounter forms and be up to date on coding in general. But the Board exams are not like, “oh, we had 500 new codes and we are going to make sure they are all in the new exam for the next year”.

Medical Coding Manual Changes Video:

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It’s not like that at all, the Board exams are to show that you understand good coding principles. Coding principles do not change that much from year to year. Don’t worry about the changes, worry about the principles. Focus on that. As far as using the Blitz videos from 2011, absolutely you can use them because again, they are very focused on the guidelines. The reason I do them every year is so that the pages match your book so its easier for you to copy the notes down and see the layout of the page matching yours because I do heavy use of the document camera.

If you want to upgrade, email me. Because its not that much more to upgrade from 2011 to 2012.

Do Medical Coding Manual Changes Affect CPC Board Exam?

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