Five Cardinal Coding Ordinances

Decision made! I want to be a Medical Coder. It sounds perfect a great job working from home right? Well not exactly.

The reality is that could be your end result, but unlikely to be your first job in the field. Experience is the ultimate key to getting hired for any coding position as every new coder quickly learns.

Training is the first step. There are literally hundreds of options. How do you decide if you are a beginner having never worked in the Medical field?

Comparisons really show the differences in college V.S. specialized training. Cost and time are the most notable differences. Every end result was the same no matter the choice. A National credentialing exam must be passed. The cost and time spent is your choice to accomplish this goal.

The two most respected and recognized credentialing organizations are American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) and American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). These credentials are what employers are seeking along with experience. To be eligible to take these exams it is not required to spend a lot of money and time. However, you do need the right preparation. The right preparation is essential.

Coding Certification Organization (CCO) is the perfect place to not only learn to code, but also to prepare for the National certification exams and the resources to continue your coding journey.  CCO has AAPC approved curriculum, reasonable prices and great support.

Five Cardinal Coding Ordinances

Teaming up with CCO led me to make these 5 Cardinal Coding Ordinances I follow on my journey to become a Certified Professional Coder (CPC):

1.   Be resourceful and learn how to use those resources. The World Wide Web is the single most important resource. Google it, as you    are most likely only a click away from whatever you need to know.

2.   Know your coding manuals inside and out. How to use them correctly, where things are located in them, paying special attention to guidelines, conventions, details, spellings, and special directions.

3.   Networking is important. Whether it is on LinkedIn, Facebook groups, forums, local AAPC chapter meetings, get involved and participate because remember you never know when or where opportunity will knock so always conduct yourself as you would like to be seen.

4.   Continuing education is essential to keep yourself updated on the constantly changing world that is Medical coding.

5.   Practice, practice, practice and then practice some more as that is the only real way to successfully learn to apply code correctly with speed and accuracy.

I am excited to be learning at CCO from the best in the field. I look forward to ICD-10 and the opportunities I feel will be created for a new coder from it’s implementation. I am confident with the knowledge, skill, and network of support  CCO offers it will help me achieve my goal of becoming a Certified Professional Coder (CPC) despite my lack of experience. Using the 5 Cardinal Coding Ordinances can help you become successful too!

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6 thoughts on “Five Cardinal Coding Ordinances”

  1. Great article Lori!
    I’m in the process of becoming certified; though I have been a coder, biller and credentialer for small mufti-physician family practice group over the last 3 years. Honestly I truly enjoy coding the most.

    • Thank you so much! I wish you much luck on your exam. I would love to be able to say I am certified and actually be able to use that credential in some way. I will be doing the Blitz from CCO soon myself to prepare for the exam. Who knows where it will all lead, but I am enjoying the journey so far. Laureen & her crew have really inspired me to want to learn and in coding there is a lot to learn that is for sure. With ICD-10 coming soon I plan to take CCO’s ICD-10 course also because I hope it will help a newbie like myself to actually have an opportunity to be a coder.

  2. Great advice, Lori! Best of luck on your journey to coding. Like you, I want to be a medical coder and love everything about it. I want to know everything there is to know about it, and my only wish is that I would have realized it before. The profession seems to fit me to a tee.

    • Thanks Deb! I hope you are in my Facebook coding group Create A Coder? It is a great place for a newbie I share everything I have used & more & Laureen & Alicia are members too as well as friends. I am using the Blitz now to prepare for my CPC so fingers crossed LOL Good luck on your journey & if you have any questions just ask ok

      • Yes, Lori, I just recently joined your Facebook group and really like it. There is a lot of great information there. I used the Blitz too and think it’s a must for preparing for the CPC exam. I’m sure you will do just fine when you take it. Best of luck to you!


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