ICD 10 CM Prep with CCO – Video

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First, if you are a coder and are really good with ICD-9 and just need a little help to get over that proficiency assessment, then the ICD-10-CM Blitz is for you. It’s new. It’s going to prepare you to pass the proficiency assessment with ease. It’s a 16-hour course equivalent.

ICD 10 CM Prep with CCO – Video

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We have the ICD-10-CM Full Course, and there is a payment plan available for that now. It’s an 80-hour course equivalent. We use the Understanding ICD-10-CM text by Bowie. Also, if you didn’t know this, it has an ICD-10-PCS section to that, so you kind of get a double whammy with that text book. It’s an excellent text book, lots of practice, but it’s a full course, more in depth.

ICD-10-CM Practice Exams – We have more than one, we have a free 50 question [Ed. Note: the free ICD10 Practice Exam is 25 questions] exam and we’ve gotten really some rave reviews over that. And we have a paid 50-question exam for only $29.95. So, if you want to see how well you do with ICD-10 and you’re not sure, get the free practice exam, do it. If you don’t do very well, then take the full course. If you, “Oh, I did pretty good. I think I just need a little help over the hump” then the [ICD] Blitz, again, is for you.

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