Medical Billing and Coding Reviews – Submit a CCO Review

Boyd: I did. As we start up and finishing up the webinar here, let me turn my camera back on, answering questions in the background. Hi everybody! We have some great places now for you to leave your testimonial, if you like the webinar tonight or if you have recently passed one of your exams due to the efforts of our teachers and our educators and our team behind the scene. We would love to hear from you. We’re releasing a new feature, which is now you can not only leave a text — a written message, you can actually leave a video or a voice message, which helps us clarify, and for a lot of those other people that are looking at possibly getting an education from CCO we just want to make sure that we’re getting honest reviews and this is a great way to do that.

Medical Billing and Coding Reviews – Submit a CCO Review

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This is what it looks like. If you go to you’ll see that little tab there and you just click on one of the buttons that you would like to either leave a video message or a voice message and then down below you can see those three kinds of options that happen. The first one is, you choose whether it’s going to be an audio or a video one, and then you either follow along and you get a chance to review after you’ve recorded it and send it to us, or rerecord it; so I did a little test there today with my baby intact.

Laureen:He’s not wearing a bib.

Boyd: Yeah. Usually it’s like this. These guys are looking at me like this (bouncing up and down) for most of the time for about an hour or during our weekly meetings, so today I didn’t think that I’d do that. Actually, I have a really good tie now after all and so there’s one good thing out of all of this.

Laureen:  If you guys want to make Boyd happy, he wants your testimonials. The video is his number one, audio OK, text alright. That’s kind of like his pecking order of what he likes. If you want to make him happy, that’s what you want to give him. That’s all we ask for. If you’re happy and you appreciate thesewebinars or anything CCO has done for you and it helps perspective people considering us, because sometimes people have not heard of us or they’re brand new to the field and they’re like, “Is this a fly-by-night operation? Is this legitimate?” And when they hear people’s voices, it just helps them. If you want to help the new coder and us, we would appreciate it.

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