Medical Coder Profile | Dellisa Angel Ortega – Video

Laureen: We have a very special guest. This is Delissa Angel Ortega, I call her Angel. She is a certified professional coder, also instructor. She’s also got her “H” and she’s going to tell us what the RDA is, I don’t know what that means. She is one of our independent CCO instructors. Alicia teases me all the time, “You’re like Mary Kay. We’re going to be driving instead of pink Cadillac, it’s purple Cadillac.” So, instead of independent Mary Kay consultant, we’re independent CCO instructors. If that’s a program you’re interested in, you can email helpdesk for more info. If you are a CPC-I and you want to be able to use our materials and training methods, we have a program for that which Angel took advantage of.

Angel, are you there?

Angel: I am. Can you hear me?

Laureen: We can!

Angel: Oh, good.

Laureen: We’re going to let Boyd interview you a little bit to guide you and hear a man’s voice.

Angel: Great.

Boyd: Awesome. How are you doing tonight?

Angel: I’m doing wonderful. Thank you.

Boyd: Where you calling us from?

Angel: From Dallas, Texas.

Boyd: Awesome. Nice and hot probably today, just like me here in Tampa.

Angel: It is.

Boyd: Great. You recently joined the CCO team but I want to go back a little bit and have you tell us a little bit about your background just briefly and why you were attracted to medical coding.

Medical Coder Profile | Dellisa Angel Ortega – Video

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Angel: I tried as a medical assistant, that was 1992. I kept finding myself running to the front office. So I just took a couple of classes like seminars and they were offering – more actually in the doctor’s office and insurance company. It was there that they were offering medical coding courses. But nothing like what Laureen offers. So, I got just the foundation or basics of coding. And from there, I went back to the doctor’s office and did some coding and became a lot more accurate. After that, I went into sales and did a lot less of coding, was very upset about that, depressed about that. But when I came back, the field, the industry had changed and it was nothing but CPC, CPC… I went to a meeting in another seminar that I went to. The one to get caught up on, coding today and everybody was talking about CPC. So, I just did a search on Google and searched for CPC and I found Laureen. I saw her Blitz videos; it’s the first thing I ordered. I just thought it was just absolutely genius, the Blitz videos. The way she brought down the guidelines and interprets them to her audience, it was just something. I’ve never seen anybody do that before.

Boyd: Was there any particular one challenge that you had to pass your CPC exam, that you felt like the education here at Coding Certification helped you with?

Angel: Absolutely, the guidelines. Sometimes you read them and you’re like, “What if I just read?” That’s why I think the scalable income advantage is to read them and interpret them and then teach them.

Boyd: Awesome. So, you’re now an instructor for Coding Certification as well as coding yourself. What do you like about being with students and interacting with them and also what do you like going to work?

Angel: Why do I like going to work? As you said?

Boyd: Yes.

Angel: I like to change people’s lives for the better. The student being for the most part, they don’t have a clear… probably they are changing careers. They’re just spinning their wheels and not going anywhere, and spend a ton of money at universities and things like that. When in the medical coding industry is a lot of lucrative and you don’t have to spend a ton of money and be in debt. That… your life, basically; just as a quick way to get you jumpstart in your career, and I like doing that for the people.

Last year, I went into the website, Laureen, and I introduced a lot of what Laureen was teaching to my own class at the college that I teach at. I had 19 students and go to the coding boot camps that I was offering and all 19 students passed.

Boyd: Great!

Angel: What’s …about that is that they all passed, as for… they even graduated.

Boyd: That’s great! I can imagine you must be very proud. It must have given you a good feeling and all that, from talking to my mother who was also an educator, and I’m sure you’re very proud of your students when that happens.

Angel: Very proud. I also know I don’t ever forget where I came from. I know that I was able to interpret those things and explain those things the way I did because of Laureen.

Boyd: Awesome! And you’re going to be instructing what segments in Coding Certification? So the students who join might be talking to you, what area are you in now?

Angel: What am I teaching?

Boyd: Yeah. What’s in Coding Certification so the students know or perspectives…?

Angel: I think CPC and CPC-H; I’m qualified to do either one.  You know, just when Laureen giving the assignment, basically.

Boyd: There you go. Thanks Delissa for being with us. Everybody out there, this is Delissa who you may be talking to in the future, or you may be talking to her already right now, if you’re one of our students. So, thank you for being with us Delissa.

Alicia: Delissa, what is RDA? I’m going to take a guess, is that registered document patient auditor?

Angel: No, it’s actually registered dental assistant. I really should remove that because it’s no longer –

Alicia: No! That is really great. Good, good for you.

Laureen: Another medical experience. I think she should have “, model” too. Beautiful girl. Thanks, Angel. I really appreciate it. See you around.

Angel: Listen, I am a really passionate person I want to say that I wake up every day, and my students wake up every day and think they are a CPC. Just that sense of accomplishment that… it’s hard for me to explain, hard for the students to explain. I’m beyond grateful to you, Laureen, and all that you mentor.

Laureen: I am grateful to you too, as well as, all the team. It really is a team effort, so I appreciate the kind words. And I appreciate you coming in sharing your story with everyone because the stories, they give people that hope that they can do it. Because not all that long ago you were a student yourself and now you’re an instructor and it can be done in a very short time.

Angel: Absolutely, I want to point that out. I want to make sure everybody understand that I did not have a CPC a little less than two years ago. Now I have a CPC, a CPC-H and a CPC-I, so we can do it.

Laureen: Yeah. And I went to retake my CPC-H and she’s like this incredible memory, it was like, “Don’t forget this. Don’t forget that.” And I went, took on my…“Oh, my God. It’s like everything that she said.” She’s a great asset. Thanks Angel, we’ll be talking to you very soon.

Angel: You bet. You take care.

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