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Laureen: This is just to give a quick outline for those who are new to the call, maybe you haven’t really got a thorough search of our website, but basically we’ve got a great Medical Terminology & Anatomy Course. It’s actually using a textbook written by a coder for coders, the title of it is Medical Terminology & Anatomy for ICD-10 Coding because it pulls in preview, getting you ready for the new ICD-10 coding system, but it’s a typical medical terminology book grouped by organ systems. It’s very good; we’ve got lots of great feedback on it. The course includes the textbook and lectures by me, tests, practice exercises. It’s been very well received.

We’ve got our flagship course, the Physician Based Coding Course, PBC for short. That’s the one that people take when they’re preparing for the CPC course, and that you can work in a physician office, outpatient office. You will get a full CPT training and ICD-9 training and HCPCS.

Medical Coding Course Product Line up – Video

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The Facility-Based Medical Coding Course is a fairly new offering that is for those who are preparing for the CPC-H. The “H” on that stands for “outpatient hospital.” Not everyone knows that, they think inpatient and outpatient, but it’s just outpatient. The AAPC isn’t trying to get into the inpatient world, they’re leaving that for AHIMA; so the CPC-H is outpatient. It’s basically, everything that you learned in the Physician-Based Coding Course, in addition to reimbursement knowledge related to outpatient. The coding aspect chapters are a little more condensed than what you would get in the Physician-Based Coding Course.

We’ve got our famous Review Blitz Video Package. With that comes either on DVD or online. If you are a PBC student we bundle that in. We’ve got our new Mini-Mock Practice Exams. Thank you, Ruth. Those are great, they are just 50 questions each and you can do them like in two hours and get a score immediately online to know how you’re doing.

Our formula for success you’ll hear us talk about is number one, a good course, like our PBC course. Number two, a good review like our Blitz. And number three, timed practice exams until you get an 85%. If you follow those three steps, you are sure to pass your exam the first time. But the practice exams are very key.

Once you get your certification and you’re looking for CEU classes besides what we offer here once a month we’ve got CEU Classes (On Demand). I just wanted to draw your attention to the Replay Club. What we’ve done is, we’ve broken up every single chapter from the courses and made them into (On Demand) CEU Classes. This might be new for a lot of people on the call even the groupies. So, if you’re looking for CEU or if you just want to take one of our chapters, if you will, then this is a great way to do it. We’ve got Anesthesia, Business of Medicine, Cardiovascular, Digestive, E/M – that’s a popular one. So, check this out. We have got a nice long list now, CEUs, very reasonably priced. I do want to show you that.

Then, we’ve got our ICD-10-CM Mini Course, that kind of helps you transition from your the ICD-9 knowledge to the new ICD-10 Coding system that will help you prepare for the proficiency exam if you’re already certified. ICD-10 will not be tested on until January 2015. It goes into effect October 2014, but as far as CPC exam, it won’t show up until January 2015.

If you want to see a listing of all of our courses and products, just go to CodingCertification.Org Medical Coding Courses.

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