Medical Coding Tips: How to Search — VIDEO

You may want to show people how to do a search on the site like how to pass your exam at the second try, how to prepare for the exam…

Laureen: Okay. So here’s one of the great medical coding tips for searching actually any website but I use it all the time for our own. Like if I know something’s there, for example, time management is a popular one. So I type… “time management site: “… as you can see here, it’s coming up exactly how I type it. If you put the keyword of the phrase you’re looking for, time management, and then you type site: and then the website which in our case is, it will actually give you a Google search of just our site. Okay and so here it is, here’s our top blog post on time management. But you can go and see the other blog post that we have. It’ll bring up a discussion… the forum discussions. Anything that has time management in it like here’s one for the forums, the video post that Boyd is putting up for us.

Medical Coding Tips- How to Search Video

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Another popular search that I do a lot is job. A lot of people ask, “Well, how do I get a job?” “job site: ” We have tons of articles and tips and things about getting jobs. Okay and you know, your resume and I’ve done some videos on it. So that’s a great way to search the site.

We also have a you know, a search box on the site as well. But I actually like the method I just showed you better because it kind of searches the blog and the forum at the same time. But youc can use this little seach box up here too.

Boyd: Great tip.

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Medical Coding Tips: How to Search — VIDEO

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