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19 Sep, 2015

Basic Cardiology Medical Coding Part 2 – Video

I grabbed another one, and again it is here for a six-month check. These are routine, very common cases where a person has a cardiac problem. Again, I’m going to go ahead and slide down to the bottom. I always like to work from the bottom up. I see that our

18 Sep, 2015

Basic Cardiology Medical Coding Part 1 – Video

Alicia:  Q:  [Basic Cardiology Medical Coding] I am having trouble putting it all together! Reading a question and figuring out what to do in cardio issues. Can you go over cardio? A:  What I decided to do was take a couple cases and these are real cases redacted with people that

6 Sep, 2015

Burn Medical Coding and the Rule of Nines – Video

A:  You bet I can. And it is confusing because the terms are interchangeable, both of them use them and yet they do them for different reasons, and so it does. It gets a little confusing. This is actually a lot of slides but several of them are full page pictures.

4 Sep, 2015

The Transbronchial Biopsy Medical Coding – Video

Q:  [Transbronchial Biopsy Medical Coding] - How would you code a transbronchial biopsy of the left lower lobe of the lung with BAL washings, but with no lung tissue identified on the pathology report? A:  The first thing is, what’s a BAL? It’s a bronchoscopic alveolar lavage. So they’re basically sending

3 Sep, 2015

Medical Auditing Conversion of Diagnosis Codes into DRG’s – Video

Laureen: And here’s the lineup of the pre-done questions for you. We will have open Q & A the last half hour, but these are the ones that we took our time doing some research and putting together some answer sheets. We’re going to do it in order, Tammy then Alicia

26 Aug, 2015

ICD 10 Online Training with CCO – Video

This slide is to talk about the ICD-10 offerings that CCO has. Alicia, you want to explain what we have? Alicia: Sure, absolutely. We’ll, as you know, I went down to Tampa and we did an ICD-10-CM Blitz, a two-day Blitz recording – fantastic, lots of fun – that’s going to

10 Aug, 2015

How to Master ICD 10 — 3 Preparation Tips

Do you have ICD 10 anxiety? Have you started building your ICD 10 foundation? Not sure how to start preparing for ICD 10 in your own medical practice? To get an overview of what ICD 10 entails, start with the Road to 10 site (, run by the Centers for Medicare and

9 Aug, 2015

ICD-10-CM Blitz Course — Online Training & Certification

Are you getting prepared to take the AAPC ICD-10-CM Proficiency Exam? If you're a medical coder who wants to be prepared for the future in your field and know everything you need to know about ICD-10 then this fantastic ICD-10-CM Proficiency Exam Training course will do just that for you. It's called the ICD-10-CM Blitz