One on One with Subject Matter Expert (SME)

avatar-blank-empty-none-smeAre you stuck and need some personal help that is better served in a skype or phone session?

Have a personal one on one hour with a Subject Matter Expert (SME). We provide SMEs in Medical Coding, Billing, Risk Adjustment, Auditing and more.

Examples of the use of your hour with an SME:

  • Review of failed AAPC exam attempt and development of personal re-take strategy
  • Review of practice exam answers that you need help understanding
  • One on one tutoring for difficult to grasp areas.
  • Have our SME review your resume and cover letter and help you develop your job interview strategy
  • Questions you just can’t seem to find the answer for.
  • A tutorial for a subject you just don’t “get”.
60 Minutes of Personal Coaching with SME: $150

You will be able to schedule your call via internet once the payment has been processed.