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Alicia: Well, we have a special guest tonight. I think if you remember, it was last month that we put up Dawn’s photograph from the webinars and a little snippet, a couple of slides of her course, the billing course that she is teaching. And talk about alphabet soup, there’s a lot of letters there behind Dawn’s name. Boyd is going to talk to Dawn and ask her a few questions; so, I’ll turn it over to Boyd, let him and Dawn chat a bit.

Boyd: Hi! Sorry everybody can’t see Dawn but we can, so she’s looking great, a very close to what you see on the screen, on your desktop right now. Hi, Dawn, how are you?

Dawn: Hi Boyd, I’m doing fine.

Boyd: Awesome. Now, Dawn and I, and actually Alicia and Laureen, I get to record all of their webinar; so two times a week over the last two weeks, three weeks, or four weeks. I don’t know where, session 9, I think of your Medical Coding & Billing Course, right?

Dawn: Yeah, the Medical Billing Course? Yeah, we’re on week 9.

Boyd: Yeah, and we’ve got a great team that’s putting this together in the background and we’re having a lot of fun in that. Happy birthday first of all, on Monday was your birthday. I won’t say how much or I’ll get in big trouble. But, welcome!

Dawn: [Laughs] Thank you.

Online Medical Billing Course | Coding Certification – Video

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Boyd: So, tell us a little bit about your course. Now, what is it about your program that you like about teaching it? Why did you get in to billing in the first place? Why did you choose to work with us?

Dawn: That’s a great question, Boyd. Basically, I’ve been in the adult education industry for about ten years. I’ve taught medical transcription, medical coding, medical billing, and medical office assistant. I’ve taught some legal programs too. I came to basically because I met Laureen and I really liked her. Also, I bought some of the products and really liked it. When I believe in something I kind of get loud about it, and when Laureen asked me to teach the course I jumped on it.

What I like about the Coding & Billing Course is that these are adults signing up for the course, they’re busy and they don’t need a lot of busy work. What we did with this course is we used the Gold Standard textbook and we geared it towards them passing national board exams. That’s what was in our minds. And so, we moved them through the course by motivating them. It’s not just the textbooks, some people don’t learn just through reading, they need to see, hear things. So, we have the slides – the PowerPoint webinars, we do that twice a week. I’m also there whenever a student might need to contact me through email or Skype or however they wish to contact me to answer questions, to coach and lead, and guide them through the course. And I like to try to keep them on task to get them through it, but also there is a self-paced element; we know we’re working with adults that are married, have kids, etc.

The main thing I wanted to say is with the new Obama Care legislation and the aging of the baby boomers, like myself, there’s a big increase in the number of people seeking healthcare services out there. This has created a huge need in the medical coding and billing industry. It’s the hottest careers out there and you can train for it in like 8 to 12 weeks, so in 8 to 12 weeks you can have a whole new career. That’s another thing that I really like, for a relatively reasonable price we can get people trained and into a new job in 8 to 12 weeks, so I really like that and I like being part of the process of helping my students and being a part of their success.

Boyd: And if any of the students are on the call tonight, please put a comment about how the course is going for you, we like to hear from you.

Just to finish up, tell me a little bit about your students because you interact with them on the webinar, you interact with them outside of the webinar and answer the questions and make sure that they get the help that they need because we’re committed to the students’ success at Coding Certification, tell us about that.

Dawn: OK. Actually, I love my students. I have a great group I’m running through right now and they blow me away because the test scores and exam scores that I’m seeing I’m so happy with. They contact me during the week through email, if they need to talk to me they can call me or we can go on Skype. I’m always there. I try to always be there for them. I try to answer questions within 24 hours time. Sometimes I try to even answer sooner than that; but all the questions I’ve been receiving are very high level, they’re conceptualizing the content and they’re moving forward with great momentum, and I don’t have any that I’m worried about. These ladies are going to graduate and go on to great careers, I’m absolutely sure of it.

Boyd: Awesome. Well, thank you first of all for being a part of the new team and coming on with us on the webinar. So until next Monday we’ll see you then, Dawn.

Dawn: OK, great, sure. If anybody has any questions about our billing program, you can email me, dawn@. I’d be happy to help you get signed up or give you any other information that you might need on it.

Laureen: Thanks Dawn.

Boyd: I’m sure that Dawn will stick around for a little while, so if you have a question for her just do a little @Dawn and then ask your question. I’m sure she’ll be able to answer it. She hasn’t got any questions on her webinars so this will be good practice for her.

Alicia: Yeah [laughs]

Dawn: I’m going to kill you, Boyd [laughs].

Alicia: I just went through the ICD-10 with Boyd helping like that two nights a week and it’s a lot of fun, I can say that, and I know that Dawn is having fun too. But Boyd helps us so much I don’t think we could do it without him.

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