CPC Exam Confidence Video

CPC Exam Confidence

I am often asked as a medical coding teacher how to have CPC exam confidence to pass the CPC exam – especially if you have failed before.

Here’s a video explaining my coaching for people who just might be in “overwhelm” mode when it comes to taking their own exam.

Challenging CPC Exam Areas: Question: It seems that the longer and harder I study medical coding the less confident I am it’ll ever be ready to sit for the five-hour CPC exam.

I totally understand that one and honestly when I first started medical coding I think- I mean I’m teaching medical coding since 1999.I had this one student… I’ll never forget her she was so smart – she could code circles around me. She could not pass the exam.


YouTube video

PS: There’s a great tip at the end of the video regarding surgery questions on the board exam.

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  1. i am a recent graduate of a B/C program, so I haven’t actually taken the “real” CPC exam yet. I’m scheduled to take it Nov 12th. I wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I love the tip about going straight to the answers before reading the opp report. Genius…makes so much sense and saves a lot of time. So far I have taken mock/practice exams 2 times in order to graduate, and once more last week for the beginning of my study prep program. I have 3 more practice exams between now and when I take theCPC exam. Not my idea, it’s how the study plan is mapped out. ANYWAY, this was great and again I thank you.

  2. Can you post this to the AAPC face book page, I’ve noticed a lot of people that are having trouble passing the exam.

  3. This is like gold. My students tend to hit that wall and over think everything. We do so much coding for so long that they can’t seem to understand that they are not being tested on how well they can code but do they know the coding guidelines. Thank you for sharing this information. I plan to pass it on.

  4. I finally passed the CPC Exam after taking it twice. Your videos helped me pass on the third try… I want to stay connected and keep coding as I am trying to get a job. Do you have any suggestions on this ?

    Thank you so much,

    Robbi Nance

    • I’m so happy for your Robbi! Suggestions for staying connected – I’d join coding discussion lists and try to follow the questions and answers. Try to answer questions and see if what you got as the answer agrees with other more seasoned coders. We have the CRN-L discussion list right here from this site. I started it in 1999 and it’s still going strong. Here is the subscribe page http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CRN-L/join


  5. Hi all,

    I have info that the CPC test is gievn in my area in March.

    I have taken the test twice, but have not passed. Can the coding books from 2011 be used?

    Cost of the test and new books is an issue for me(As I’m sure for other folks).

    I do well on the home test on my computer. But not to well with the real testing.

    Any suggestions?


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