Will All Medical Coders Have To Be Certified?

Q: Will All Medical Coders Have To Be Certified? – “At some point, do you think that all coders will have to be certified?”

A: This question has been asked since I got into this business since 1999 and it was like, “Oh, yeah, definitely!” There’s only one state right now, Hawaii, that requires coders to be certified. We kind of thought, “Oh! That was going to be a trend” but we’re not seeing that happen yet, but I do think employers require it a lot. I think almost all jobs out there. It’s very rare that you find a job that they’re looking for coder and they don’t want you to be certified. Although it’s not mandated by the state, employers are kind of requiring it.

Will All Medical Coders Have to be Certified | Medical Coding Certification FAQ

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Alicia: If you’re in a remote area, meaning backwoods where there’s not a lot of coders, then they might take a chance on you if they know you’ve had your education and you’re getting ready to sit for the exam. So, if you haven’t set for the exam yet, but you want to go ahead and start looking for a job, absolutely just put it on your resume, your expected date of taking the certification and you may still get your foot in the door.

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Will all Medical Coders have to be certified?


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