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Average rating:  
 173 reviews
by Ann Renee Holl on CCO.US

Passed on my first try and I'm so happy! Thanks for all your support and well written learning tools!

by Tara on CCO.US

Thanks to the CPC Blitz I passed my exam!!!! I learned more from the Blitz than I did the course through the AAPC

by Frances Woodard on CCO.US

I passed first time! Thank you CCO for all your help.

by Karen Barroso on CCO.US

Thanks so much Laureen, Alicia, and Chandra! I purchased the Blitz videos after failing my first CPC exam, and I learned so much from you! I not only felt way more prepared, but I actually heard your voices in my head while I was taking my test - I think I was the only one smiling during the CPC exam!!!

by Diane Mason on CCO.US

The Blitz definitely made a difference in my confidence to pass the exam. The stratigies discussed in the blitz really helped.

by Genalyn on CCO.US

Thank you. The BLITZ and MINI MOCK exams are awesome.

by Andrea on CCO.US

Thank you so much for creating the CPC Blitz! It was tremendously helpful. I learned things that weren't in my medical coding/billing course, the test-taking strategies were fantastic, and seeing Laureen's notations in her CPT manual were phenomenal. I really think the Blitz was worth every penny.I still can't believe I passed... and with a 92%!

by Janet Michaud on CCO.US

I passed the CPC on the 8th try, hallelujah! I owe it to the good Lord and The blitz! All the bubbling and highlighting and also the advice on highlighting my answers on the exam. The highlighting on the exam helped me to speed up my time, since the codes were different colors, it just helped me to rule out much quicker! Thanks to you Laureen and Alicia and all the rest of your employees!

by Summer on CCO.US

I passed the CPC on my first try with a 90% and I owe it all to the Blitz videos. The tips on time management and the layout of the test were so important and the Bubbling & Highlighting helped keep me focused on the guidelines while helping me quickly find the answers.

by Jeanie on CCO.US

Thanks to all of you at CCO!! What a great organization! I learned about you from a colleague who sat next to me for my 1st CPC exam. After the test we were talking about the hardest questions & she showed me her CPT book that was bubbled & highlighted on almost every page. I didn't even know I could write in my book at that point! She explained how and why it was done and highly recommended subscribing to CCO and do take the Blitz Course.I signed up the next day and think the program is AWESOME! I felt like I was in Laureen's classroom & listening to a friend. She does a great job explaining the medical facts/reasons and giving real-life examples, so mandatory--especially for new students in medicine. Her method of describing the E&M code level tables is SO much easier to remember than other ways I've heard and it was faster for the exam. And your monthly webinars are a great help; very informative and interesting to see how many members are signed on from around the country. Keep up the great work! I have been a medical biller/accounts receivable for 42 years in 7 specialties and wanted to be a certified coder for several years. After using my experience, the Blitz course and self-study, I found the CPC exam difficult because of time management , my billing background & the mixed wording of some exam questions. I just took the exam again June 4th and passed this time! Yay! I'm so happy!!! It was worth the journey to get my CPC credential!

by Marie Barilla on CCO.US
I passed my CPC!

A week ago today I sat for my CPC. Can I tell you how nervous I was! While sitting there and preparing to start the exam, I thought to myself "you are not ready yet".....Instructions were given and I opened my packet, honestly I think I read the first question 5 times! My brain froze. After snapping out of this self induced state, I began answering the questions. It was intense and time was critical. I completed the exam, but sadly I left not feeling confident at all. All week I kept extra busy trying not to dwell but every once in awhile I would have to check AAPC for results. Last night I checked again and the result was in. PASSED!!!! With an 82!! Did you all hear my screaming!! lol shocked, thrilled, and proud! So happy and I thank you all for helping me review and prepare. I love CCO and all involved! I am forever a fan! Keep up your awesome work!

by Brenda L Coreano Burgos on CCO.US


by Lisa Auerbach on CCO.US

Thanks Laureen. I did not know anything about coding and thanks to you and the staff I passed . It took a couple of tries and a lot of hard work but worth it .

by Kathleen on CCO.US

I took test 4 times and finally past with 76, Laureen was a great help and I was able to focus better, she called me personally and it really helped me to concentrate on the points taught from her CPC Blitzt course and the practice exams. It was well worth the money and enabled me to pass the CPC exam.Thanks so much, Kathy

by Lisa Price on CCO.US

I never thought this day would come but I passed!!! This test was a beast but with the help of the Bliz Videos I was finally able to pass the CPC test. The Bliz Videos were actually fun to listen too and not just some boring lecture. Thank you so much for everything! YAY!

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