Become Involved – Medical Billing and Coding Career

Entering a new career is always fun and exciting. The career of medical billing is no exception. Medical Billing and Coding Career  path that entails ongoing continuing education in compliance issues, new laws, regulations, payer changes, updates, and issues within the healthcare industry. If one chooses to become certified which is highly desirable then continuing education is also mandatory to keep your credential active and valid.

Become Involved – Medical Billing and Coding Career

Continuing education can be from seminars, webinars, reading professional publications, and taking additional courses within the career field. An example of this would be a medical biller who decides to learn medical coding, or a medical coder who decides to take a detailed anatomy and medical terminology course to refresh their knowledge for the upcoming ICD-10 implementation.  Continuing your knowledge about issues within in the industry can be both fun and interesting.  I recommend looking into receiving publications within the industry. There are magazines and journals targeted to HIM professionals. Also, staying updated through  articles,blogs such as the blogs, and being active on industry-specific forums is a great way to keep up on issues within our industry.

Joining professional chapters and groups is a wonderful way to show your professionalism, network, and get pertinent industry-specific information. An example would be joining AAPC and your local chapter. Attending local chapter meetings and talking to others in the industry is a great way to network and to say abreast of new information in the industry.

It is also recommended that medical billing students learn about the issues facing the healthcare industry today and how it might impact medical billing. For example, the implementation or delay of ICD-10, the Affordable Care Act and how it impacts healthcare and medical billing, and other issues affecting the industry as a whole.  In the medical billing career field, one will never stop learning new information because this field is ever growing and ever changing, but isn’t that what makes it really exciting?

By: Dawn Moreno, PhD, CPC, CBCS, CMAA, MTC. Lives in the beautiful Southwest United States and has been an instructor for medical coding/billing for the past 7 years.  Interested in quality medical billing training?

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