What is the Best Medical Dictionary of Medical Terms for Use in Medical Coding? – Video

Laureen: Q-7: Do you have a professional suggestion for the best Medical Dictionary of Medical Terms for use in coding?

A: I know Laurie out there you’re going to know what I’m going to say – Google. I’m not real fancy, what do you say, Alicia?

What is the Best Medical Dictionary of Medical Terms for Use in Medical Coding? – Video

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Alicia: I like McGraw-Hill, when I was teaching I really like McGraw-Hill. McGraw-Hill is also a publisher of a lot of medical textbooks and stuff. They even have an online page and I believe it’s free, so you could go in and use it online. Honestly, I’m like Laureen, I Google everything. But, when I was teaching a lot, I always had a McGraw-Hill and then I had another one. I keep one to say it’s Merck, but it’s not Merck. Sylvia probably remembers the name of it, it’s in blue. Because I always think Merck, but that is actually –

Laureen: Mosby?

Alicia: Mosby! Did Sylvia just send that to you?

Laureen: Yes she did.

Alicia: It was Mosby. I really like Mosby. But the reason I like Mosby is because it seems to have everything I want. But, if it was something that wasn’t in Mosby, it was in my McGraw-Hill, which Mosby would be like Webster but then McGraw-Hill is like one of those great big giant dictionaries (although it’s really not that big) but it has all the details and extras, stuff you don’t really even need. So, basic, Mosby is great; if you really want in-depth stuff, McGraw-Hill.

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