CCO Name Change to Certification Coaching Organization – Video

Our first slide is to let you all know, you’ve probably seen we’ve had a slight name change. Actually, it isn’t a change, it’s just that we’re starting to really use it more. When I started CodingCertification.Org back three and half years ago, I was just focused on the coding aspect and I was just going to keep doing my Review Blitz videos and that’s all I was going to do and just do that a little bit.

Then, along came Boyd who encouraged me to start doing these webinars and then he said, “Hey! We should hire that Alicia instructor, she’s always making her students attend your webinar.”And so, we hired Alicia and students had asked me to start teaching my course again, which I did.

CCO Name Change to Certification Coaching Organization – Video

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Now that we’re into billing and Physician Practice Management, the auditing course, and HCC, basically there’s a credential for it especially by the AAPC, we are creating a course for it. So our name is Certification Coaching Organization because our mission statement is to coach our students to the finish line, to help them complete the course and get their certification. That is our true goal and that’s what we’re working toward.

So, I just want to let you know that you’re going to start seeing that. The same CCO we kept, so that’s very handy, and eventually you’re going to start seeing a new website and we’re going to get a new domain, a shorter one, I’m not going to tell you that right now so that people don’t start going to it before it’s ready. But be looking for that, we’re very excited.

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