Certified Medical Coding with PMI – CMC Certification – Video

A:  Well, it’s kind of like Coke, and Pepsi, and then RC Cola. The PMI to me is like an RC Cola. It’s out there and it’s in existence. Another one is PAHCS, they’re good organizations. The exams are good, they’re just as valid. What it comes down to is the recognition out there with the prospective employers. If you’re really going toward outpatient and inpatient especially AHIMA is normally the more preferred credential, although AAPC is making great gains in that area especially with their new CIC inpatient credential.

Certified Medical Coding with PMI  – CMC Certification – Video

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It’s not going to hurt you at all, you have a certification, and it’s how you present yourself to your prospective employers. So, if they say, “I haven’t heard of the CMC.”“Well, it’s Certified Medical Coder.”And you say it like that because that’s what it is. You don’t have to, “Well, they’re really not as big as the AAPC,” I wouldn’t do that. However, I would recommend getting one of the more recognized credentials, like, the CPC and add to it. And then, that looks really good on your resume and on your signature line, you have a couple of credentials. So, that’s how I would handle that, but definitely you should be proud of earning that credential, there’s nothing wrong with it.

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