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Boyd: Can you show them on the website where to put in that number? I think there was a question on the chat about that.

Laureen: On the AAPC website? Sure. If you go to AAPC.com and you log in. So, I logged in and I’m logged in as Laureen Jandroep and on the left hand side there was a CEU Tracker – submit index number – so you can tap that in. I better get going now, 57.5 due.

Boyd: So you have to be logged in, in order to get that obviously.

Laureen: Yeah, that’s how we are supposed to put in our CEU. Then, when it’s time for you to renew your membership, if you have the right number of CEUs then you’re good to go and you just have to keep paper back up in case you’re one of the lucky ones audited.

Alicia: And getting audited is not a big deal. They just have you copy your CEU forms, you fax them in and they say thank you and that’s all they do. It’s not a big deal. Keep in mind now, the reason that Laureen has over 51s that are due, the more certifications you get, the more CEUs you’re required to maintain. That means there’s a downside to alphabet soup, if you’re going to do that, it does cause you a little bit more.

CEU Tracker – Video

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Now, the other thing that you want to keep in mind too, if you just passed your CPC maybe in the middle of the year, they prorate that time. So, what is the standard CEU for you is not going to be the same is what it will be next year when you sign that. That kind of makes people nervous as well because the first time I did that, it only showed like 27 and I thought “Oh no, I didn’t get them all in,” but they had prorated the year. If you ever have a question about that, they’re wonderful to talk to, just give them a call. Or you can ask us.

Laureen: Once you pop the index number in, it will bring you to this screen. You just enter the date, so you put 07/18 or whenever you’re watching the replay and you click ‘save’ and then it’s going to ask you where you want to apply it. For me, I have the CPC, the H, the PPM, so I can apply wherever I want. It’s letting me know as far as my unique hours, I needed 33, I’ve got 59 so I’m good there. For my CPC-H 35.5 is required; I already have 37.00, so I have over what I need for that. Anyway, that’s how it works. You can go in and edit how you want to break them up. Here was my –

Alicia: While she’s looking at that, the reason it does that for you is it does not submit them until a certain time. So, you have to keep track of that. That will be confusing as well. She’s got all this CEUs but it doesn’t show up on that screen tracker, that she has all of them, but that she needs them. When you go to add them, it tells you they’re not applied until a certain date.

Laureen: Right. So I can figure that I’ve earned them all, total earned 57, that’s what it was required. That’s what I had on the first screen and I’ve already put in 59, so I’m good! At any rate, that’s how that works and I hope that little overview helps you with that. I just entered my CEU so I’m done.

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