Medical Coding CEU Webinar — VIDEO

This is the announcement; we now have this webinar approved for one CEU per meetings. Every time you come to this monthly Q&A CEU Webinar, it is now worth one CEU.

When I had tried to get it approved before, I tried to do it as a series and Sylvia this time did it as a one-time event. So she’s going to do one for May and then she’ll have to do a separate one for June.

Medical Coding CEU Webinar – VIDEO

YouTube video

So, we do have an AAPC index number to share with you for those that stay to the end of the call. The way we do this in GoToWebinar, we know who stayed on to the end, and Lisa will be taking that list and send you an email with the PDF of the certificate. So if you don’t need it, that’s fine; but if you need it, then save that for your CEUs. And if you become a groupie and attend every month, then that’s twelve CEUs a year for free! So, I hope everyone is excited about that!

Alicia: I think they are, it’s coming through.

Laureen: Oh good, yay! And here’s a slide – sorry, Boyd made this beautiful slide and I’m yammering on. So, here it is, now worth one CEU per meeting and that’s twelve free CEUs per year. And also, if you’re a Q&A Webinar Replay Club member, you will also get the CEU because you’ll be listening to it in there. If you want to find out more about our Replay Club, just go to Q&A Webinar Replay Club, and it will give you more details on that.


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Medical Coding CEU Webinar — VIDEO