Coding Cardiac Catheterization — Free Answer Sheet Download

Many of you have asked about coding cardiac catheterization and what type of procedure is it.

Because of your inquiries, I have created a free download for you.

Coding Cardiac Catheterization- Free Answer Sheet Download- VIDEO

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Firstly,it is a diagnostic procedure.

Prior to 2011 you needed three pieces to code a cardiac catheterization.

You needed:

1) Catheterization code

2) Injection (of dye) code – 1 or more

3) Imaging code – 1 or more

Now, things are put together a little differently…

What you need to abstract is as follows:

1) Congenital or not

2) Which side of heart – right, left or both

3) Any add on procedures

Being the visual learner I am I had to put this in a chart. Your CPT Manual includes a chart as well on pages 493-496 but I like
looking at it based on which side of the heart is being catheterized and narrowing it down from there. For non-congenital things are bundled so one code represents the catheterization, the injection and the imaging.

If congenital then you are going to have one code for the catheterization (93530-93533) and contrast injection(s) are coded separately with 93563-93568.

There’s more in the downloadable answer sheet.

Go here and get your copy:

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Coding Cardiac Catheterization — Free Answer Sheet Download

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