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Alicia: If you guys have questions and we’re unable to address them on the monthly webinar, the forum is a fantastic positive place to go to ask questions. There are experienced coders, new coders, specialty coders, people who are just curious about coding and all of us at CCO are in there. You can go in and ask questions or if you have something specific you want to know about you can probably just mention it and someone will give you information. You can’t be the only one with that question; so by your asking questions it also helps other people.

Laureen: Yup. You just go to /forum will take you directly there. If you’re coming off the main menu it’s under our Community menu tab and just go to discussion forum. You can see we’ve had lots of discussions 1,418 to be exact which generated 5200 messages. We have 1200 members. I just answered Webbie Debbie’s question today. I said, “I like just typing that Webbie Debbie.” At any rate, we try and keep the number of sub-forums, fairly small, considering. This one is our general medical coding reimbursement discussion and then this one is where if you specifically want a question answered on this webinar this is where you post it. Ruth is really good at kind of keeping this organized. If a question lands in the wrong bucket, she’ll move it to the appropriate one.

Coding Certification Forum – Video

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CCO-L is an email list that I started back in 1999 that’s still going and we just basically have all the messages copied here as well so people can kind of see what’s going on with that. Blog posters are copied over into the discussion board. We’ve got a Water Cooler if you want to talk about none – well, it can be coding stuff but it’s just meant for you to talk about whatever you want: recipes, health stuff, that kind of stuff.

Medical Coding Jobs – This is free. We let vendors and people that are looking for coders come post here for free we don’t charge. If you want to put up that you’re available for hire or maybe you’re a consultant you do special projects go ahead and put your hat in the ring here, but I would caution you not to obviously put personal information, but just say what you specialize in. If you’re interested, private message me. This is a board where you can get private messages and not have to give out your email address until you feel comfortable with the correspondents.

Alicia: Hey, Laureen they’re asking about the upgrade to 2014 Blitz. I’m not sure how much that is?

Laureen: It’s $60 to upgrade from your previous year’s version. If you have a version that’s two years older then – oh, I can’t remember what we charged. If you email helpdesk@ Sylvia confirms your purchase and she gives you the link to be able to get it at the discounted rate, and I really believe that the 2014 version is our best one yet, because, first of all Boyd came and recorded it in person instead of taking my video footage and having to deal with it. He’s like “I’m going to come and do it myself.”

Boyd: Not because you were doing a bad job, obviously. Lots of people have enjoyed your classes before. We got it out faster, I think, this year. That was a big thing for us.

Laureen: Yeah. You were awesome.

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