Q: Coding Escharotomy Code 16035 and 16036 – “Can you please provide some guidelines coding escharotomy code 16035 and 16036?” This is probably going to take a little bit more time, right?

Laureen: A: Well, just try and grab that first. Yeah, grab that 16035 in Find-A-Code. Let’s see if we can. I’m kind of familiar with teaching this from doing the Blitz. Escharotomy is basically where a wound, a really big wound is healing like a burn, and if you picture, if you ever had a scab, when if you’re not a scab picker and you let it heal, it will eventually start pulling the margins of the skin, it’ll hurt a little bit. So, picture a really bad scar, and what they’ll do is they’ll actually cut into the scar to release it, so it’s not an ectomy, they’re not removing it, they’re cutting into it.

Coding Escharotomy Code 16035 and 16036 – Video

Alicia: Does that picture help?

Laureen: Yes.

Chandra: The difference between the two is initial and additional if that helps, the 35 and 36

Laureen: OK. For the additional… one cut to do a scar release. It’s the first code if they have to do an additional one then the 036 is an add-on.

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Coding Escharotomy Code 16035 and 16036