Comment Testimonial – Medical Coding Teaching Style – Video

Laureen: I had to share this from Beverly, she said, “Thank you guys. I enjoy each time I come to these webinars, keep up the good work. My son walked by during the webinar said, ‘Wow! They sound so cheerful!’ I told him you guys are always cheerful, that’s a great webinar.” Thanks for sharing that, go share that out on Facebook.

Comment Testimonial – Medical Coding Teaching Style – Video

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Alicia: You know what, and that’s what everybody talks about too is Laureen’s lectures and for the courses are just much more fun to watch. And I have to admit, I won’t say too much, but I had to take a course the other day, a month or so ago, and I’m telling you that it was so incredibly dry, I just quit listening to the lectures and I just started taking the exams. I had to go to the chapters, because it was so hard to sit through; and so that really is a plus. Laureen’s webinars are just like you hear her here, and the Blitz is like that as well with lots of pictures of her manuals and stuff. That’s [?1:43:49] the part I think, they’re not boring.

Laureen: And pretty soon you’ll hear Alicia, so we’re so excited.

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